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Exploring the Temples and Shrines of Japan

*Today’s guest post (and photography) is by Medha Verma from www.hoppingfeet.com. Home to several thousands of worship places, Japan has […]

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Ancient Tombs of the Kidron Valley

From the Mount of Olives, I walked towards the city wall of Jerusalem, but saw something interesting carved into the […]

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Borobudur: The Hidden Treasure of Indonesia

*Today’s guest blog on Borodudur is by Maider from www.packandclick.com. As the country with the biggest Muslim population in the […]

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City of David – The Real Ancient Jerusalem

Tourists flock to the Old Town of Jerusalem within the walled city, but few realise that the real ancient city […]

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Hindu Festivals and Customs of Bali – Island of the Gods

*This is a guest post by my friend Michael, the Accidental Travel Writer. Michael introduces us to the excitement of […]

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Mathura: A pilgrimage to the birthplace of Lord Krishna

*This article (plus original photography) on Mathura is a guest post by Maider from www.packandclick.com. India is like no Other! […]


Photographs that Will Make you Want to Explore Mount Zion

An early rise meant that we could arrive at Mount Zion before 9am and miss the crowds of tourists that […]

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Masada, Marijuana and Mayhem!

*Today’s guest post and photography by Sharon Cracknell.  I was very excited.  I had finally booked myself on a tour […]

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Instagram walk on the Mount of Olives – History and Religious Diversity

Mount of Olives, to the West of Jerusalem’s old city, is packed with places of worship and historical points of […]

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Discovering the Secret of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Adjacent to the Dead Sea in Israel, is an ancient Biblical Secret waiting to be discovered. Qumran is the place […]

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Jerusalem Sunset from the Panorama Hotel

Following three days of painful endometriosis in Tel Aviv, I recovered and managed to take the train to a city […]

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