5 Money Making Apps that will Earn you Money to Travel!

Many of you who know me will be aware that I am always expanding my ways to earn an online income. This is because it gives me LOCATION INDEPENDENCE and helps to fund my TRAVEL! Today I would like to introduce you to my 5 favourite money making apps that I have installed on my iPhone. Most of these can also be used with Android Smartphones.

Top 5 Money Making Apps

#1 Roamler

My top online learning app is Roamler. Roamler sends small tasks to you via the mobile phone app. These tasks can include street checks and mystery shopping on the high street.

My first paid Roamler task was to do a banana check in the Tesco’s in Leeds. I earned ¬£2 by going in to check the bananas, taking a photo of them and reporting on how they looked….

You have to receive¬†an invite code to be a ‘Roamler’. There is great adding potential with this app because when you reach Level 3 you start to release an invite code every level. Share these invite codes with other people who want to become roamers and once they exceed level two, you can earn an extra 2% on all of their tasks. If you would like Roamer¬†invite code, please contact me or send me an email.

#2 Street Spotr

My next favourite is Street Spotr. This works in a similar way to Roamler in that you are sent ‘Street¬†Spotting’ to do market research or take photographs of marketing displays. I did several reviews of the go pro display boards in places like Halfords and Curry’s. These are quite well paid and you can usually are around ¬£5 per check. The check is often only take 15 minutes.

On both Roamler and Street Spotr, you can also search for and compete with your friends.

#3 Be My Eye

In the same vain as Roamler and StreetSpotr, BeMyEye provides you with small tasks that come through to your phone. I’ve done quite a few product checks in Sainsbury’s and Superdrug for around ¬£5-¬£7. Get a bonus ¬£1 when you sign up by using code j5kyzk.

#4 Receipt Hog

I also really love Receipt Hog.¬†You need to feed your receipt pig with receipts that are used for market research. Certain receipts give you coins which can then be turned into cash via PayPal, Amazon or iTunes. You can also win spins on the ‘hog slots!’

Download this app RECEIPT HOG using code GLUSK630 and get free bonus coins straightaway.

#5 Pulse

Last, but not least, we have Pulse (download PULSE from the App Store and sign up with code HXWNC). I’m not usually big into online surveys, because they pay so little per hour. I can make more money blogging or matched betting. However, Pulse is a survey app with a difference.
It send extremely short and simple surveys through the¬†smartphone app. Quite often it’s just 3 short questions for a small amount such as 20p. These mini ‘quizzes’ are fun and doable while waiting for a bus, sitting on a train or during a lunch break. It all adds up!
I’ve done some really interesting pulses included one on Gay Pride in London and one on Brexit.

I’ve Upgraded my iPhone

I have recently upgraded to the iPhone SE with 64GB of storage and it was a brilliant move. My iPhone is much faster, the camera is better and there is more room for apps (I used to have the iPhone 4).
I actually have loads of money making apps now that earn me money on the road, so I’m sure that this is a topic I will be writing about again soon. If it’s a topic you are interested in, I highly recommend that you buy 50 iPhone Apps to earn you cash¬†by Emma Drew (Aldi to Harrods). It’s only 99p for the Kindle version. This is the book that got me into earning through my iPhone apps!
Do you use iPhone¬†money making apps to help you to earn while you are on the move? If you have any more ideas, I’d love for you to share them here.

5 thoughts on “5 Money Making Apps that will Earn you Money to Travel!

  1. The Boozy Backpacker says:

    I LOVE PACT! The only thing I don’t like is the motion tracker in it sucks, or maybe it’s the motion tracker in my phone…but I suppose I shouldn’t complain about working out more right? I have mine set to 6 workouts and 14 fruits/veggies (so about 2x/day). I make about $2/week, but it’s totally worth it to me because it helps keep me accountable and cognizant of my exercise and eating habits. I might try the food logging option in the future, but as of yet I’m still horrible about keeping logs of things, just ask my wallet what happened to all of my money.
    I make money tutoring english through an app on my phone called NiceTalk. It works anywhere in the world and you make about $10/hr. A total game changer for someone like me, a full time traveler. I wrote a post about it on my blog if you want to check it out, I’d love to know what you think! https://boozybackpacker.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/side-hustle-for-travel/

  2. Amy Trumpeter says:

    My Pact is linked to my Jawbone so that’s why it’s more accurate, I guess. But yeah, the health benefits are great. I’ve never heard of NiceTalk – thanks for that one, will download it and check it out!

    • Globetrotter says:

      Hi Dale, thanks for stopping by. As you probably know, I’m based in England. Pulse is a UK based app, Receipt Hogg and Pact are US based but work in the UK and Roamler is based in the Netherlands I think, but expanded to the UK. It may be going global. Best thing to do is jus go ahead and download them and test them in Australia. If they work, please let me know – I would love to find out whether they work ok in Australia for you. Also, if you find any Australian alternatives, please feel free to post them here to help others in your situation. So happy to have readers down under ūüėČ

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