Adrenalin Belgrade – Escape Room

Me and Matthew were invited to do an Adrenalin Belgrade Escape room with our new Romanian friend Iulia and Goce, her Macedonian boyfriend. I’d never done one of these before, so I thought it might be a good idea.

Adrenalin Belgrade

We booked and headed to Adrenalin Belgrade, in the centre of the city. It’s not that well marked on the door, so make sure you look at the buzzers! The cost of our escape room was 4000 Dinars. That was 1000 Dinars each, so about $10 or £6 each. Much better value than the escape rooms in the UK.

What is an Escape Room?

If you don’t know what an ‘Escape Room’ is, I will briefly explain. It reminds me of something you used to get on the Crystal Maze! (Am I showing my age here?!?!) You are essentially locked in a room for 1 hour and you have to get out by searching the room, finding clues and solving puzzles. Once you have solved the puzzle, you will find the code for the exit keypad to get out. By the way, you are not really ‘locked’ in – there is an emergency buzzer if you get too claustrophobic and need to get out. But, you probably won’t need to press that – it is a lot of fun inside 😉
During your game, the game co-ordinator can see you on a camera and give you clues if you need them.

Tito’s Secret

Obviously, I can’t tell you too much about what was in the room, otherwise I will spoil it for anyone who hasn’t done it yet. We did the ‘Tito’s Secret’ room. Tito was the president of Yugoslavia and he was accused of having many affairs. When we went into the room, it looked exactly like we were walking into the 1970s – an amazing set! The object of the game was to solve the room by finding out who Tito really loved, and to crack the code to the door. There were a number of puzzles and padlock combinations to be solved.
We worked really well as a team, considering we didn’t know each other that well. I knew Matthew before hand, but the others we met at Trip and Sleep.
There were a few interesting objects in the room, like bottles and pictures that we needed to ‘figure out’ what to do with. We basically had to solve a puzzle to crack a code to solve a maths puzzle to crack another code to get a key to open another key to get into a safe to get into another safe to get a book to get a code! I hope I have outlined this game well without giving too much away! We found that while one of our team was solve a puzzle, another was doing something different like opening a padlock. We actually cracked the code with just 46 seconds to spare!

At the end, your team can get their picture taken with a clock that states your time. You get to dress up in some of the Communist clothing! The person who runs the escape room will tell you which props you can and cannot have your photo taken with in order to preserve the secrets!
I really recommend the Adrenalin Belgrade Escape room. Our room was 6* difficulty level. There is a harder one based on Tesla – ‘Tesla’s Genius’ and also one at Adrenalin Belgrade called ‘The Hangover’. Apparently, in total, there are 30 escape rooms in Belgrade.

Budapest – Escape Room Heaven!

However, this is not the best city in Europe for escape rooms. We were told by the girl who ran Adrenalin Belgrade that there are 300 escape rooms in Budapest! Maybe that should be the next trip!


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