Alone in Airports? 5 Things to do!

I often travel solo as a travel blogger and I love being alone in airports. You meet great people, have a chance to shop and you can even get some work done. Here are the top things that I do when alone in the airport…

1) Upgrade to the First Class Lounge when traveling alone in airports! (Food, drink, and WIFI)

I think that when you travel a lot, you need a few comforts. Eating, drinking (water not alcohol, especially when flying) and sleeping properly is paramount. Upgrading to first-class lounges will get you unlimited food and drinks. Check out my blog on the Aspire First Class lounge in Manchester Airport.
The other thing to remember is that when you travel solo as a travel blogger it is a business trip, so you do have a lot of work to do. Having a quiet area with WIFI access is really useful to me.
I use my Priority Pass for the first-class lounges.

2) Dictate Travel Blogs into your iPhone if you are traveling alone at airports.

I love travel blogging, of course. I have a really great way to write my travel blogs more productively – dictation. If I am using my iPhone, I use the App Dragon Dictation. If I am using my Macbook, it has a built-in microphone and I can dictate straight onto WordPress.

Does it seem strange to other people when I am talking my blogs into an app in an airport? Yes! Do I care? No!

3) Chat to the person sitting next to you and find out about their Country and Culture.

The great thing about travel is always the people you meet and what you can learn about each other. I once had a beer with a random friendly Kenyan in Addis Ababa airport. I also met a very interesting Lebanese charity worker in Nairobi. In Europe, I have often taken travel advice from people who I have met in airports (other than touts!).
An Estonian guy introduced us to Taxify when we were traveling from London Heathrow. We got very cheap taxis using that app after that!
Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with another solo traveler. Chances are, if they are alone, they will be very appreciative of the company.

4) Shop for Duty-Free

Duty-free shopping is amazing! Always on the lookout for Quinta Ruban Whiskey, Smirnoff Absolute and J’adore perfume!
Zurich Duty-Free Shop
Image Credit: Wikipedia commons

5) Use the Internet to Message home and plan Onward Journeys

It’s amazing what you can achieve in just an hour or two waiting in an airport. I once arrived at an airport without anywhere to stay in Italy. After half an hour, I had a hostel, a train ticket and a walking tour sorted!
I also check in with the family from the airport via Skype, just so that they are not worrying too much!
How do you spend time alone in airports?

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is so important as it will help you with emergencies and unexpected costs on your trip. Make sure that you declare any pre-existing health conditions so that you are covered for those. Check your cover for accidents and medical care and also lost baggage or getting things stolen. Remember to report as soon as something goes wrong on your trip because some travel insurance companies require you to report something that you want to claim for within 24 hours. Read the fine print carefully when you sign up. I always recommend World Nomads. You can get a free quote here:


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