Aspire First Class Lounge Manchester Airport

I had the privilege of waiting in the Aspire first-class lounge at Manchester airport before my Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul. Many thanks to priority pass for the membership.
With priority pass standard you can go in any first-class lounge listed with over 700 worldwide to choose from, for a small extra charge of just £15 per person.

At Manchester airport, there are several first-class lounges to choose from including Aspire, Escape, Etihad and Emirates. You automatically have access to the lounge is as business or first-class ticket holders for most airlines. You can also pay for the privilege, which is around £20, with a Priority Pass.

Aspire First Class Lounge

What many people do not realize is that by the time that you have bought a sandwich, coffee, and cake in the airport, you might as well have paid to go into the first class lounge, because once you are in the first-class lounge or soft drinks teas, coffees and food are complimentary.

Quiet Zone and Business Section

At the Aspire Lounge, there was a quiet section where I could sit down to blog. There were also individual study units that you could go in and close the door. It also has plenty of areas to charge your phone and of course, free Wi-Fi.

The Aspire first-class lounge was much more tranquil and relaxing compared to the usual hustle and bustle of the airport. There is no queueing for food and beverages. You can watch the news on a big screen TV and get plenty of work done if you are on a business trip.

Food and Drink at Aspire First Class Lounge

I had minestrone soup and almond cake, which were both gorgeous. I also had a lime cordial with soda and plenty of hot chocolate, as it appeared that I had a hot chocolate machine all to myself! You can’t say no to that 😉

Some alcohol is also complimentary. You can ask at the bar for a Malibu and Coke or vodka and orange, which is also included in the price. Alcoholic beverages that are not included are champagne and Prosecco. However, remember that it is easy to dehydrate on an airplane, which is a highly pressurized container. Also, anyone seen as intoxicated will not be able to board. So don’t go over the top with the alcohol.

The Aspire first-class lounge also gave an excellent view of the planes and the runway.
So, the next time that you fly, and spend more than £10 on food and drink at the airport, why not upgrade to the 1st class lounge to eat and drink as much as you like and take away the stress?

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

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