My Blogging Equipment – Travel Blogger Tech Kit!

It’s taken me 18 months to get together my full blogging kit and today I would love to share that with you. If you are getting serious about blogging, in my opinion, you will need the following blogging equipment…

Essential Blogging Equipment

  • Lightweight Laptop (I use a Macbook).
  • iPad or Table as a Laptop alternative.
  • iPhone or Smartphone.
  • Auto Point and Shoot Camera (I recommend Canon Power Shot).
  • Digital SLR Camera (I recommend Canon or Nikon).
  • Spare Camera SD cards (WIFI SD cards are great if your camera doesn’t have built in WIFI).
  • Go Pro (optional for those who want to make video).
  • Kindle or e-Reader (optional if you don’t read, but you should!)
  • Portable Power Pack.
  • International Adapters.
  • Chargers, batteries and cables for all gadgets.
  • Ear Phones.
  • Wire Organiser.

I’m now going to outline my blogging equipment so that you can see what I’m carrying and using when I travel and go on Press Trips. Just to let you know that I don’t often carry all of these – sometimes it’s just a matter of weighing it up to see which gadgets and tech I will need for a particular trip. It also depends on whether I am checking in luggage, or travelling hand luggage only, and where I am travelling to.

My Blogging Equipment – Cameras, Computer Equipment and Gadgets

Laptop – Macbook 13″

My 13 inch Macbook is lightweight and easy to use, with the added advantage of in-built photo editing (preview) and video editing (iMovie) software.
New Gold Macbook
Image Credit: Apple
My Macbook is the newest version, ahead of it’s time with just one USB-C port, so if you have the same laptop as me, and want to plug USB’s into it, you will also need an adapter…

You can buy the official apple USB-C to USB adapter, but I prefer the smaller and cheaper gold aluminium mini adapter (above) which is just £8.99 on Amazon. Please note that I don’t always carry this with me (due to crime), this depends on the country and area.


My iPad is a cheaper and smaller alternative to carrying my Macbook. It was a gift from my Dad, and it is perfect for the basics of Facebook, email and WordPress. It can also fit with a mini keyboard. I wanted to have a device on hand incase I was travelling somewhere further afield where there is a high risk of theft.

Basically, I don’t take my Macbook to places like South America!  I travel to certain countries with my cheaper iPad and edit blogs on computers in hostels, libraries and internet cafes!


My iPhone is great for keeping in touch with friends and family back home (Skype and FaceTime). As well as using it to keep in touch with people, I also listen to motivational and personal development audi books on Audible. I also use a lot of travel apps including TripAdvisor and Google Maps.

I have two versions of the iPhone – the iPhone 4 when I am solo travelling long haul to developing countries (particularly parts of Asia, Africa and South America) and then my iPhone SE for use in Europe and the USA.
The added advantage of using all Apple products is that the files and photos will sync automatically through iCloud. That means if I take a picture on my iPhone, it automatically appears on my Macbook photos too!

Kindle e-Book

My Kindle e-Reader means that I don’t have to cart around books on my travels. In fact, I can carry thousands of books, without my bag feeling any heavier! Many Lonely Planet Guides are out as a Kindle version. Also, the more you read, the more your writing will improve. Never stop learning.

The newest version of the Kindle (above) has a glare free touch screen display.

Camera Equipment

I often take 2 cameras – my Nikon D60 SLR for professional photography and my Canon Power Shot as a good auto point and shoot back up. Sometimes, if I’m travelling further afield or concerned about theft and safety, I chose one of the two, but in Europe, I use both.
Canon Power Shot SX220
Nikon D60

Video Equipment – Go Pro

My favourite piece of blogging equipment! The Go Pro is a Wide Angle and waterproof video recorder – great for capturing action footage. I also have a head mount so that I can wear it on my head to get footage of city walks and activities.

Power Pack

Just incase of those situations where you really need to call someone, but you’re in the middle of no-where and you phone battery is dead! I always carry a Power Pack so that I can recharge anytime that I need to. I keep it for emergencies, like when I was in the Sahara Desert!

My Belkin Power pack will recharge my iPhone up to 3 times before it needs recharging at the mains.

International Adapters

Make sure that you take at least two or three plug adapters suitable for sockets worldwide. If you are blogging, one of these is not enough – in that case, you would have to chose between either charging you iPhone, camera or laptop – errrrrrrrr, nope!

Wires and Wire Organiser

I like to colour code my wires so that I know which is which! Sounds pretty sad, I know, but if you don’t know which is which, and don’t store them properly, they can end up in a massive mush in your backpack. Ugh!

My iPhone SE charger is orange, my iPhone 4 / iPad charger is pink, my camera cable is black and my Macbook and kindle chargers are white. The difference allows me to distinguish between them easily.
I then organise my wires along with batteries and SD cards in my Portable Electronic Accessories holder. It’s a travel packing case that will help you to keep your tech tip top!

If you need any packing advice, please just ask below!
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