Discovering the Bone Church Prague, Kutna Hora!

If you are staying in Prague and you love exploring different Church architecture, you really should take the trip from Prague to Kutna Hora to discover Sedlec Ossuary (the Bone Church Prague).

Prague to Kutna Hora

The historical town of Kutna Hora itself is full of cafes, souvenir shops, historical buildings and some of the most amazing Churches of Czech Republic.

How to the Bone Church Prague – Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is approximately 70km East of Prague and it’s easy to get from Prague to Kutna Hora by train. A trip to the Bone Church Prague means heading to Kutna Hora, which is doable as a day trip. Trains run every two hours from Prague to Kutna Hora (Praha hlavní nádraží to Kutná Hora hlavní nádraží) in the late mornings and afternoons, and every hour during commuter times. The Bone Church is around 10 minutes walk from Kutna Hora hl. n.

If you want to visit Kutna Hora historical centre itself, its a further 2km walk (relatively flat) or you can jump on the local train or bus to Kutna Hora Mesto (approx. 10 mins).

Discvovering Sedlec Ossuary – The Bone Church Prague

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Prague to Kutna Hora

Sedlec Ossuary, or as it’s more commonly known, the Prague Bone Church, is the oldest Cistercian Monastery in Bohemia. Founded in 1142, the church is located in the town of Kutna Hora, about an hour outside of Prague. It’s said that the Abbot of the Sedlec Monastery brought a handful of soil back from his pilgrimage to the Holy Land making the Sedlec cemetery one of the most desirable burial sites in central Europe.

Inside Bone Church Prague, Kutna Hora
Inside Bone Church Prague, Kutna Hora

The chapel is decorated with the bones of somewhere between 40,000 and 70,000 human skeletons as a memento mori to those buried there, around 30,000 of which are estimated to have been plague victims. Although there have been bones in the church for hundreds of years, they didn’t come into their current decorative form until 1870 when the Schwarzenberg family commissioned woodcarver FrantišekRint to decorate the chapel with the piles of bones that were harbored in the church’s crypt.

The eerie décor consists of a chandelier made of every bone in the human body, strings of skulls and bones strung up like crepe paper at a birthday party, and the coat of arms of the patron family. The display is meant to remind the church’s visitors of the impermanence of human life and the inevitability of death.

Prague Bone Church

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