Bra Sizes for Bikinis – The importance of Well-fitting Swimwear for Girls!

Swimwear and bikinis are essential for your travel parking. Personally, I love to swim in pools, freshwater and the sea. It’s great exercise and extremely invigorating.

The Bikini Miss-hap (for Girls eyes only and not for the Feint Hearted!)

Unfortunately, there was once a slight mishap involving a triangular bikini. I was out swimming with the family at the time, so this incident was actually witnessed by my mom and my aunty. One Wednesday evening, we went to the lovely salt baths in Walsall (West Midlands).
I was wearing my triangular bikini – you know the sort, the kind of bikini that has string tied behind your back and halterneck tied behind your neck. Yes, I know, there’s not much to it!
So the problem was, as you can imagine, these bikinis are not too… shall we say secure?!?! I don’t want to go into any more detail, but the guy swimming beside me had a pleasant surprise! The only saving grace was that it happened on home soil!

Bra Sizes for Bikinis – Fitting at Leia in York

With travel plans including Morocco, Turkey and Bulgaria this summer, I simply could not have another ‘bikini mishap’!  So, this week I went shopping in York to Leia to get properly fitted. They do bikinis in bra sizes.
When I went to Leia in York, I was served by a girl called Claire, who knew exactly what her customers needed. She measured me up (without a tape measure – that’s how well she knows her bra sizing!) Claire bought me a selection of bras and bikinis all in the right size. She sorted me out with three well fitting bras, matching pants and a well fitting bikini.
Fantasie Bikini Top with bra sizes (available at Leia)

Show me your Melons!

We did have to laugh, because the bikini that I chose was black with Melons on it. Yes, the fruit! So there was me in the fitting rooms, shouting to Claire, the shop assistant, ‘I’m ready for you to come and see my melons!’ We did laugh and I’ve never experienced such excellent and friendly customer service in a lingerie shop.
Melon Bikini by Fantasie
Image Credit: Leia

Get a Bikini Top with Bra Sizes, Girls!

My top tips for bikini shopping…

  • Buy Bikinis with bra sizes rather than dress sizes – I highly recommend you have your bikini fitted just like you do with your bra. This is for your own comfort – and ‘security’ of course! 😉
  • Go for quality over quantity – Get a good make such as Fantasie or La Perla.
  • Do the ‘jump’ test. Yes, it is a little embarrassing if you are jumping around in the changing rooms, but you need to know if they will ‘stay in’, right?!?!?!

So, if you are going away this summer, please take my advice and get a well fitted bikini top. My bra was made by Fantasie. If you want something high end and luxury, La Perla also do Bikinis with bra sizes.
Enjoy the summer, girls, and if you are wearing a bikini, make sure that you ‘stay in’ if you know what I mean!
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