Camp Nou Experience – FC Barcelona vs Eibar

Before I introduce this topic, I thought that I should confess – I’m not a big football fan. This blog is a result of my boyfriend’s football influence! My choice for yesterday afternoon was to visit Gaudi’s, Park Guell. I never expected to be at a football match between Barcelona and Eibar at Camp Nou! Oh, how plans can change…
On the way, we stopped of Paella, and Simon said he wanted to go Camp Nou for an FC Barcelona game. I said he should look to see when there is a match, and so he searched online. ‘It’s in about 2 hours,’ he said ‘I don’t think we can make it.’ We had pre-booked tickets for the monument area of Park Guell for 5 pm, and it was a 6.15 pm kick-off.
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Booking Camp Nou Tickets online

I didn’t expect there to be tickets left, but, to my surprise, there were! He found two tickets together at Camp Nou for €49.50 each. He seemed eager, and we discussed a change of plan. It was something he really wanted to do, and I was eager to see the stadium, so booked them, literally two hours before the start of the match!
I just didn’t want out Park Guell tickets to be wasted, so we went to Park Guell and asked if we could change them, but they said no. However, I overheard two American tourists disappointed that they couldn’t get in, so we said ‘You can have our tickets, we’re going to see Barcelona play!.’ They were extremely grateful, and gave us €15 – the exact price of our taxi from Park Guell to Nou Camp!

Camp Nou Stadium

Before we entered the stadium, I did, of course, purchase my FC Barcelona scarf for just €13 – an excellent souvenir.

The stadium is massive and seats 99,000 spectators – that’s bigger than Wembley. Despite is hosting so many fans, it didn’t feel too busy, because it was well organized. You get checked on the way in. They will check your bags (no weapons) and take the caps off your drinks. Then you are directed to your seat by a friendly Steward.
Food is available at the stadium – we had hot dogs (€4.50) and donuts (€2). Make sure that you get there early to stock up with food, drinks, and beer before the match. Also, it gets very busy at half the time, so get out of your seat as quickly as possible to avoid a lengthy queue at the food kiosk or toilets.

FC Barcelona vs SD Eibar

We had a great time during the match. There was a crazy Russian guy behind us wearing a Barca T-Shirt but shouting for Eibar! His son threw his drink everywhere and he profusely apologized. When he got back from a break I told him that there was a red card when there wasn’t….his son told him the truth and he said ‘Ah, Jokerrrr!’

Within the first 10 minutes, Barcelona’s pretty poor defending meant that Eibar scored. But Luis Suarez scored a hat-trick, with the last goal in the final 10 minutes. Mascherano got a Red Card right near the end for swearing at the referee (apparently!) saying something about the c*** of your mother!
It was a 3-1 win to FC Barcelona and an amazing atmosphere at Camp Nou. Although this is not something I would usually do, I had an absolutely amazing time, and I would highly recommend a game at Camp Nou experience, or at least a visit to the stadium.

Tips for Visiting Camp Nou Experience

  • Travel by Taxi from Central Barcelona should be less than €20. If you are getting the Metro, it’s Line 3: Metro stop Palau Reial or Les Corts, or Line 5: Metro stop Collblanc or Badal.
  • Book your tickets online at
  • Get there at least one hour before the match starts to buy your Barca scarf, stock up on snacks and use the toilets.
  • Bring a waterproof jacket incase it rains (mainly in the winter) as there is no cover in the stadium.
  • If you can’t get tickets to see a match, you can at least get a ticket for the #CampNouExperience (Stadium and Museum) for €23 (discounts available for students, elderly and disabled). Buy your #CampNouExperience tickets here.

Many thanks to Katya from for accommodating us and making this possible!

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