Collaborate with me on a top solo female travel blog. Globetrotter Guru offers several opportunities for businesses to advertise their products and services.

Globetrotter Guru now offers sponsored posts to travel agencies, tour operators and other companies within the industry. Sponsored posts are well received by readers and a link in an article has been proven to be much more effective than a display ad.

All businesses who want to apply for a sponsored post will first need to get their business approved for advertising by our editor Amy Trumpeter.  If you write the article, the copy will also need to be approved.

You write the article: $150

I write the article $250

Product or Website Review

Option 1 – Write an honest review of your product, service, or website.

Cost $100

Option 2 – I can test your product (or in the case of a website, visit it) and write a review based on our experience.

Cost $250

Option 3 – Promote a contest or giveaway.

Cost – Variable

Banner Sponsorship – Your 728 x 90 static banner appears at the top of every page. The banner is provided by you and approved by Globetrotter Guru.

Cost: $150 per month

Sidebar Sponsorship – You image appears in the right hand sidebar on every page.

To request display advertising, please contact me with the preferred duration.

Social Media

Globetrotter Guru can offer you a social media shout out that mentions and promotes your business. I can recommend the best platform to encourage engagement, whether that’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other relevant platform.

How much is a Social Media Shout Out?

One social media shout out (e.g. post or tweet) is just $10.

For the price of $30 this can include designing the image.

Globetrotter Guru’s social media following consists of:

Over 1000 Facebook Fans

Over 5000 Followers on Twitter

Over 200 Instagram followers

What I am offering to Hotels and Hostels as a Media Package

In return for accommodation (5 nights) in your Hotel, lodge or hostel, I am offering the following package….

  • Full hotel or hostel review of 1000 words published on
  • Tweet (to over 5000 followers), Facebook Post and Instagram images of your accommodation daily during my stay.
  • I follow/like all of your social media accounts for your hotel or hostel.
  • Link in the ‘accommodation’ section of my blog.
  • Review on TripAdvisor.

In towns and cities, I am specifically looking for accommodation that has an exciting and friendly atmosphere and central location.  In rural and rainforest settings, I am looking for sustainable hotels and eco-lodges with access to wildlife (responsible tourism). As a trained Geography teacher, sustainability and a use of renewable energy are important to me.

Information for Sponsoring Hotels

As a professional travel blogger, I always share the following information about what I am looking for with my sponsors…

  • The accommodation must be suitable for backpackers and travellers in their mid 30s.
  • It must have free WIFI for blogging and social media.
  • I am an eco-conscious travel blogger, so I will be interested to hear how your accommodation in green and sustainable.

Terms and Conditions of Media Coverage

I also agree to sponsored accommodation under the following terms…

  • I will declare on my blog that the article is a sponsored post, so that my followers are aware of my honesty and transparency.
  • I will always blog and tweet honestly, even when accommodation is free, because my readers value and trust my opinions.
  • Social media promotion will be daily during the trip and agreed articles will be published within 7 days of the stay, but usually, during the stay itself!

If you are interested in a media opportunity, please contact me.

Guest Blog

Globetrotter Guru is now offering an opportunity for travel bloggers to guest blog on The audience is primarily 30 something female solo travellers.

Guest Blog Ideas

I am open to offers on article titles, but specifically looking for articles on the following destinations…

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Argentina

Personal stories and unique travel experiences from solo female travel bloggers work best on Globetrotter Guru.

Guest Blog Requirements

In order to apply to become a guest blogger on Globetrotter Guru, you must have a related personal blog in the travel niche (not a business or freelancer site) that has been running for at least 12 months, and your blog should be updated weekly or fortnightly. It should be a .com or domain . Free domains such as or will not be accepted. Your blog domain should be DA20 or higher or you should be able to prove 2000 page views per calendar month.

The blog that you submit needs to be between 1000-2000 words and include at least 5-10 original pictures (800 X 600px).

Benefits of Guest Blogging on Globetrotter Guru

Benefits of guest blogging on Globetrotter Guru include…

  • Your name announced as article author with a DA33 backlink to your blog or website.
  • Your social media links at the bottom of the post.
  • Promoted through the Globetrotter Guru’s social media channels which include over 6000 Twitter followers @theglobeguru.

Examples of Previous Guest Blogs

Apply to be a Guest Travel Blogger on Globetrotter Guru

If you are interested in applying, please send your bio, link and suggested blog title to me by email.

Please note that this is for bloggers only, and does not apply to travel companies or business blogs. If you are looking for coverage as a business, please look at my advertising rates.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi, I'm Amy Trumpeter and I have over 25 years of travel experience. I love seeking out temples, Churches and other religious and historical buildings. I write mainly about Asia, Europe and North Africa. My BA (Religions and Theology) and MA (South Asian Studies) were gained from the University of Manchester. Come and join me on my templeseeking journey around the world!
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