Condo in Manila – My first Air BnB

I returned to Manila from the paradise island of Palawan. I was expecting the contrast – back to the noise and the traffic of the capital city of The Philippines. But do you know what? I kind of like it! Today I’m taking you on a tour of my Condo in Manila.
I flew in from Puerta Princesa and took a metered cab (always the yellow ones where you get a ticket at the desk). I headed to find my condo on Manila Bay. My driver was very good and very honest, and so I rounded his 166 pesos up to 200.
The keys to my very own Air BnB Condo were waiting for me at the desk, and I heard the usual ‘Miss Amy!’ (they often pronounce it Am-me like the Jammie in Jammie dodger!)

My Air BnB Condo in Manila

I was so pleased to see my own apartment – all this space to myself – particularly after a full week of shared dorms where I sometimes had to wait for the bathroom!
Takeshi’s apartment has a small kitchen, bathroom, lounge and dining area, with one large bedroom. I paid just £23 per night for this and it’s way better value than the hotels in the area (many are over £100).

My kitchen means that I have cooking facilities including a hob, microwave and fridge-freezer. I swiftly stocked up from the 7/11 round the corner!
I also really love some of the decor – in particular the elephant cushion and leopard print colourful stool!
You can tell that this guy is a bit of a cool dude and a traveller – look inside his glass cabinet! He has a model camper van, Cuban and Manila cigars and a healthy (or unhealthy, depending which way you look at it!) alcohol selection. I will respectfully pass on the alcohol and cigars!

Why Book with Air BnB?

Air BnB rooms will often give you more space and facilities than hotels. It’s usually people who own apartments and let them out on short term lets while they are abroad. Therefore, Air BnB rentals usually work out much better value than hotels.
Sometimes Air BnB hosts have their own place with spare rooms to rent if you don’t want to rent a whole apartment. This is reflect if you want to learn a language, as you will be living with a native speaker.
If you are new to Air BnB, I can offer you £25 of travel credit completely FREE! Simply sign up here.
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