What is a FAM Trip and How do you Prepare?

What is a FAM Trip?

For those of you who don’t know, FAM trip is short for Familiarisation trip – a Press trip in other words. Myself and 8 other bloggers have recently been sponsored by It’s More Fun in the Philippines and the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines for the Tale of Two Spanish Cities FAM Trip.
The amazing thing about FAM trips is that you are spending time with people who are all on the same wavelength. People on FAM trips are generally respectful of each others photography too, because we all do it! People will avoid walking into each others photographs and look out for each other.
It can be an intense amount of time with the same people, so FAM trips are a struggle if you are with people you don’t get along with. I have always been lucky to travel with a fantastic group of people who got along so well.
I was in Ilolo and Bacolod (Philippines) recently and feel privileged to have spent this time with such enthusiastic, friendly and positive bloggers. I was feeling a little under the weather for some of the time and many of the team supported me and helped me with my luggage.

Tips for FAM Trip Travel

    • Research beforehand will put you in a good position. During my first FAM trip I wish I had read up a little more.
    • It’s great to party, but remember that you will have a lot of early mornings and packed activities, so hangovers are not recommended!
    • Take a note pad and pen incase your technology fails.
    • Have spare camera batteries and a back up camera – you don’t want to be without your camera on a FAM trip.
    • Don’t be afraid to leave the parties early if you are tired – the most important thing is that you get good coverage.
    • If things go slightly wrong on FAM trips, try to keep a positive attitude. One FAM trip in the Philippines had to cut their trip short as they were in a Typhoon! But they still managed to release some great coverage for their destinations and turned the adventure into an exciting story!

Social Media Promotion and Blogging Tips for FAM Trips

  • Get a local SIM with data so that you can use social media on the road.
  • Tag other members of the FAM trip and of course your Sponsors on FAM Trips when you post on social media.
  • Ideally you should be posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts if possible at least once or twice daily.
  • If you attend a particular event (for example a festival or conference) it is a good idea to write or post images on Facebook as soon as possible after the event and then boost the post. Once you have boosted the post you will hopefully get a lot of likes, and you can then invite these people to like your page – it’s a great way to grow your Facebook during a FAM Trip (Tip from Cai Dominguez of Travelosyo)
  • Also comment on other people’s instagram posts with the same hashtags. Ideally you want to do 3 likes and 1 comment for each account that mentions your FAM trip event or area – this will grow your instagram massively during your FAM trip and get you a local following (Tip from Cristal Dyer of Tofu Traveler).
  • There’s no pressure to release blogs during the FAM trip. In fact, you probably won’t have time to, but do try to release blogs as soon as possible when you return and share with the sponsors.

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