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Florianopolis Beach - Lagoa da Conceição

Florianopolis, also referred to as Floripa, is one of the largest cities in Santa Catarina, located in south Brazil. The island is surrounded by beaches, lagoons, waterfalls and is a popular center for surfing. Florianopolis beaches have been called a “Party Destination,” one of “Ten Most Dynamic Cities of the World,” and “The Best Place to Live in Brazil” by major news and travel outlets. Because of this exposure, Florianopolis beach is one of the most visited places in Brazil.

Florianopolis beaches are sought out because of their versatility – family tourism, tranquil waters or big waves for surfers, sand dunes, hiking trails, panoramic views – so there’s something for every traveler. Florianopolis beaches are full of beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters, urban beaches, marine life, water sports, and adventure in its 560 km of stunning coastline. So, here’s a travel guide to the best Florianopolis beaches.

Tip: Don’t forget that Brazil’s winter is from June through September, but any other time is fine for Florianopolis beach travel.

Best Florianopolis Beaches

Lagoa da Conceição

  • Lagoa da Conceição (featured image) is the most famous and the most visited Florianopolis beach for recreation, nature and sports. This trendy neighborhood has lots of restaurants, bars, markets, shops, and art galleries. The area offers panoramic views, safety, nature and good quality of life. A popular tourist spot for the adventure seekers and lovers of sailing, kite surfing, water sports, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), jet skis, kayaks and paragliders. This Florianopolis beach also has a lively nightlife, full of bars and restaurants. If you’re staying the night, consider Sunset Backpackers Hostel or Pousada Pedra Rosa, and for food, visit the Boka’s Restaurante or Ilha Formosa Pastelaria E Petiscaria E Restaurante.

Lagoinha do Leste

  • Lagoinha do Leste is only accessible by 2 hiking trails or a boat but it’s worth it for the views. The long hike (2.5 hours) can be accessed by Praia do Matadeiro and the shorter hike (1 hour) can be accessed from the city Pantana do Sul. This Florianopolis beach is not overcrowded, and you won’t find any accommodation or restaurants so prepare to camp and bring your own food. The beach has amazing views, big waves, nature, a forest, a sweetwater lake, and peacefulness.
Lagoinha do Leste Florianopolis beach
Lagoinha do Leste

Praia Brava

  • Praia Brava is a wonderful beach with strong waves, warm water, and is surrounded by green hills. This Florianopolis beach has a calm atmosphere and not a lot of activities so it’s the perfect spot to relax and hang out. For accommodation, consider Hotel Floripa or Praia Brava Hotel, and for food, visit Restaurante Marinheiro’s or Point da Brava.

Praia Mole

  • Praia Mole is one of the most famous beaches, close to the Lagoa da Conceição. This Florianopolis beach is mostly known for its young crowd, parties, surfing, bars and restaurants, and the LGBTQ scene during the summer. For accommodation, visit Surf Hostel Dragão da Praia Mole or Praia Mole Cabanas, and for food try Barraco da Mole Baruc Natural or Barraco Da Mole.

Praia da Joaquina

  • Praia da Joaquina, accessible from the Lagoa da Conceição, is another Florianopolis beach most sought out by surfers for the big and strong waves. Another fun activity is sandboarding or sand surfing, and other types of recreational sports like volleyball or soccer. For accommodation, stay at Cris Hotel and visit the restaurant À Toa Na Jôa.

Praia do Santinho

  • Praia do Santinho is mainly sought by tourists who look for nature, and the location’s tranquility. Outdoor sports, including diving, hang gliding, rowing, paragliding, mountain biking, and surfing, are common on this Florianopolis beach. For accommodation, consider Praia Santinho and Restaurante Mar Aberto.

Praia da Armação

  • Praia da Armação is a breathtaking fishing village and Florianopolis beach with cool, calm waters. The beach is nearby the park Lagoa do Peri, which has a waterfall, hiking trails, and is perfect for picnics. For accommodation, try Pousada e Imobiliária Portal Sul and for food, eat at Restaurante Sabor do Mar or Bar From Alécio.

Piscinas Naturals

  • Piscinas Naturais is a must-see in Florianopolis if you love natural swimming pools. It’s located near Barra da Lagoa and has scenic coastal views and hiking trails. For accommodation, stay at Sunset Strip Eco Apartments and eat at Parador do Vigia.

All of these beaches are wonderful choices and they have a variety of activities. If you’re an adventure-seeker, sports lover, or you’re looking to wind down and relax, you’ll find your perfect beach at Florianopolis.

If you’re heading to the beach for a relax and a few drinks you might want to take one of these best beach coolers on wheels. Of course, if you are partying on the beach remember to always consider local customs and take your litter with you.

What to pack for Brazil

There are some amazing beaches along the Brazilian cost so pack beachwear, sarong and sunscreen. Skimpy bikinis are the norm in Brazil!

bikini for Florianopolis Beach

Light weight clothing that is comfortable to walk in is going to be the majority of your packing – I’m talking cotton trousers, T-shirts and shorts.

cotton trousers for Brazil

Brazilians often show a lot of skin so don’t be too worried about packing spaghetti strap tops and short skirts or skimpy dresses. The country has a generally casual dress code so you won’t feel out of place. Just pack one or two nice outfits for going out in Rio.

Vest tops for Brazil

Regarding electronics pack a four plug extension lead as there can sometimes be a shortage of sockets. If you’re visiting waterfalls in Brazil, a waterproof phone case is a good idea.

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