Halloween Lantern Festival in Liverpool – Facebook Live!

Lantern Festival Liverpool

Today, I went Live on Facebook from the Halloween Lantern festival Liverpool!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our trip to Paris. I’ve been struggling with long distance travel lately due to my severe endometriosis (I’m waiting for a major operation), so for the next few months or so, most of my blogging will focus on the UK.

The amazing thing is that I’m currently based in the fabulous city of Liverpool, in the North West of England. Home to the Beatles, famous for it’s international football team and full of clubs and live music. I feel really lucky to be here.

Tonight, we headed down to Bold Street for the Halloween Lantern festival, Liverpool. It happens every year and is a free parade with spooky lanterns that is run every year by The Lantern Company. Follow them on Facebook here.

Halloween is becoming a bigger and bigger festival each year, with influences of the trick or treat culture from the USA and Mexican influences from the Day of the Dead. It’s one of my favourite times of the year!

Halloween Lantern Festival Liverpool – Facebook Live

The Lantern parade starts at Hardman St at 6pm and heads towards Bold Street for around 6.20pm. Bold Street was a great place to see the parade, as it was less busy. Most people are waiting around Church Street and the Albert Docks.

Outer Space

This year, the Halloween Lantern Parade Liverpool featured wolves, dancing ghouls, Day of the Dead Skeleton marching band, ‘something from outer space’ and an owl.

This was a fantastic experience, as the actors in costume come right up to you and pose for the camera. It’s easy to get some good shots. Apparently, it got extremely busy towards Church Street and the Albert Docks, and it would probably be better if they pedestrianised the area and ordered road closures for the parade in the future.

Watch out for the release dates and times for this again next year on the Liverpool Echo.

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