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This weekend, we had a lot of ground to cover and little time to do it in. My poor grandma has been very ill lately and we needed to go to see her for her 80th birthday!

Renting a Car to Travel from York to Stafford in the UK

So we decided to use Hertz rent a car UK to make good time and have a comfortable journey. Generally, you don’t need a car in the UK because public transport, particularly in towns and cities, is very good. However, if you are travelling to more rural parts of Oxfordshire or Shropshire, for example, a car in the UK is extremely beneficial.

Car hire in the UK is relatively easy to do and there are hire garages near to the train stations of most large UK towns.

Travelling to Shropshire with our Hertz Rent a Car UK

We travelled from York (UK) to Newport, Shropshire and back in one day – that’s about 260 miles! It was probably a little ambitious, as my boyfriend who did all the driving did have to have a little nap after lunch. But he did very well with the driving.

Our booking got us this beautiful grey Vauxhall Corsa from Friday (5pm) to Monday morning (9am) for just £33.98. The Corsa was very comfortable with air conditioning and built in music system. Here are the details of our booking…

So just under £34 for the whole weekend. Petrol was £40, so the full journey from York to Newport (Shropshire) and back cost £74 for two people, which works out at £37 each!
Not only is this cheaper than the train, but it allowed us to get to areas further away from the train station. My grandparents house in Newport does not have a station – the nearest would have been Stafford. If we had got the train to Stafford, we would have then required a lift or taxi to get from Stafford to Newport.

Is it worth Hiring a Car in the UK?

At these prices, absolutely! Trains can be expensive in the UK (read my article on Travel Hacking UK Trains). Also, as the UK is a relatively small country, you will see a lot with a car. Check out the prices of train travel (with Travel Hacking) and then compare to car rental and petrol.
If there is a group of three or four of you travelling in England, car hire is definitely worth it, as you can split the costs between you, keeping travel costs right down. Oh, and don’t forget, in the UK we drive on the left! 😉

Hiring a Car for Motorway Driving in the UK

If you are covering a lot of motorway driving, it may be a good idea to upgrade to a larger vehicle if you can. The lovely little Corsa did extremely well on the motorway, but a bigger engine would have given better acceleration.
A Ford Mondeo or Mercedes E class is better for Motorway driving in the UK than a Kia Picanto, Ford Fiesta or Corsa. If you have a lot of luggage, go for an estate.

Advantages of Hertz Rent a Car UK

  • Good value for money.
  • Reliable vehicles.
  • Cover rural areas of the UK that lack in public transport.
  • Good selection of cars.
  • Insurance included with car rental.
  • Music system, and many larger vehicles have in-built Sat Nav.

I Highly Recommend Hertz for Car Hire in the UK

All in all, using Hertz rent a car UK was extremely good value for money, and provided us with a good reliable ride. I highly recommend them if you are considering car hire in the UK. You can book online here, and use the discount code BEST to make sure that you get the best available rate!
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