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How I screwed up my First Facebook Live!

Facebook Live is a fantastic way to bump up your Facebook views and likes. Streaming a live video through Facebook results in a notification to all your followers, and according to Hubspot, Facebook users spend 3 X more time watching Facebook Live videos than normal uploaded videos.

So, I was on the trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land Israel and eager to do my first Facebook Live. I was hyped up and excited on the Mount of Olives, completely on a high from temple seeking.

I excitedly explained about the Mount of Olives and it’s Churches and religious sites including the Dome of the Rock and the Church of Mary Magdalene (Orthodox Church). I also correctly point out the largest Jewish graveyard in the world with over 70,000 Jewish graves.

But, the fatal error is that I mention the Church in front of me to be the Tomb of Mary, which it is not – it’s actually the Church built on the spot of Jesus’ weeping over the future fate of Jerusalem (Dominus Flevit).

Facebook Live Dominus Flevit

Shortly after I did this Facebook Live, a priest came out and explained this to us! How embarrassing – it seems that I got so hyper on the Churches and temples of Jerusalem that I forgot to check my facts on the exact spot where I was standing! Epic Fail! This is the actual tomb of Mary:

tomb of mary

But do you know what? I don’t look at this first Facebook Live as a failure, I see it as a massive move forward. This Facebook Live video on Mount of Olives got 2.4k views and live interactions from people back home. Despite my minor error, I felt like I explained a great deal about the city of Jerusalem and connected well with my audience.

Now that the first Facebook Live is out of the way, I feel confident enough to be able to go live again from my next city. I promise to fact-check first! 😉

Have you ever gone live on Facebook as a blogger? How did it go? What were you proud of?

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