Give experiences instead of gifts: Why I don’t want more STUFF!

Give experiences instead of gifts

We live in a wonderful 2 bedroomed terraced in the beautiful city of York. I have everything that I could ever need or want: lovely furniture, nice clothes, beautiful jewellery and the perfect partner who I love more than anything. I’m here today to recommend that you give experiences instead of gifts this birthday and/or Christmas time.

Why I don’t like STUFF!

Sometimes, when I’m back from my travels, I look around our house, and think, how on earth did we accumulate all of this STUFF! We have been collecting it for 35 years – books, CD’s, DVD’s, clothes – I don’t really know where half of it came from! In fact, many of these ‘things’ are not even used anymore!

Why you don’t need as much STUFF as you think!

When you travel, you realise that all you really need is what’s in your backpack. Passport? Check. Money? Check. Clean underwear and clothes? Check. Toiletries? Check. Macbook and iPhone? Check. Camera? Check. Chargers? Check. Book (that is currently being read)? Check. Other than a few other small necessities and money in your purse, you actually need little more than that.

When you get back from Travelling, all this STUFF can be a Little Overwhelming!

I was starting to feel like I couldn’t relax when I got home, because there was so much STUFF everywhere! And because there was so much STUFF, it got messy quickly, and all I ever seemed to do was clean.

Why Give Experiences instead of Gifts?

I started to work with Kate, from A Tidy Mind, who helped me to clear a load of clutter from our house. It took more than one session, believe me! But I started to realise how much we really can live without. That’s why I want to encourage people to give experiences instead of gifts.

And, it’s not just about having only what you need, it is also about clearing space to clear your mind. Many people’s anxiety comes from constantly thinking about things, which can lead to stress and anxiety. A clear house can lead to a clear mind – a major reason to give experiences instead of gifts.

Decluttering is much easier now we live in a digital age, because CDs, DVDs, photographs and pictures can now be stored in electronic format 😉

Please don’t buy me STUFF!

If you are a friend or relative reading this, and wondering what to get me for my birthday, please support me and don’t get me STUFF! I would really like you to support me in my move to a minimalist and fulfilled lifestyle.

I would prefer to have your time than your money. Come and meet me for a coffee or a drink sometime. Or let’s have a day out together doing something special that we would both enjoy. That would make me so happy 😉

Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland - give experiences instead of gifts

Swimming in the Blue Lagoon! This is why I value experiences over things.

If you really want to get me something, vouchers for ASK or PIZZA EXPRESS so that I can go out for a meal would be ideal. Or if you really want to splash out and treat me, Ryanair gift vouchers for my next flight would be perfect!

Top Ideas for Experiences instead of Gifts

  • Meal or cinema vouchers
  • Eurostar, hotel or Airline vouchers
  • Gift your time – e.g. ‘paint your bedroom, help to organise your kitchen or lesson in X’
  • Taking a friend out for a drink
  • Experience gifts – tickets to a gig or theatre production
  • Red Letter Days – Experiences such as Driving a Fast Car, afternoon tea or pampering session.

One thought on “Give experiences instead of gifts: Why I don’t want more STUFF!

  1. A Tidy Mind says:

    Fantastic post Amy articulating it perfectly! It truly is about a life change. Thats what I kickstart in my clients. Once we learn to live with less, thats when we find true value and meaning.

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