Jerusalem Sunset from the Panorama Hotel

Sunset over Jerusalem

Following three days of painful endometriosis in Tel Aviv, I recovered and managed to take the train to a city that has been almost a lifetime ambition – the Holy city of Jerusalem. I was greeted by the most amazing Jerusalem Sunset. I hope that you enjoy my pictures – I’m an amateur with my Nikon!

Travelling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Most people go for the bus journey from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. We decided to travel by train to experience the comfort and soak up the views. The train was 20 NIS (20 Israeli Shekels – about £5), whereas the bus is around 10 NIS, just half the price. In my opinion the extra £2.50 was well worth it – particularly for the leg room and the on board toilets. Within an hour and 15 minutes, we arrived at Jerusalem Malha station.

I negotiated with a hardcore taxi driver who wanted to take us to the hotel for 150 NIS, although we had been told that it should be around 60 NIS! He was bringing the price down to around 100 NIS, but I said that it was still too expensive.

He put my friend Sharon on the radio to an English speaker who was trying to push up the price due to the traffic. ‘She’s in charge!’ said Sharon. I was – this was my shout as I couldn’t manage two buses when I’d been in pain and not eaten. I called his bluff. ‘I think we will just get the bus!’ I said, thinking damn well I didn’t want to. The price came down to 80 NIS and we settled on that.

However, for the whole taxi journey, our driver expressed his disgust with our bartering, saying ’80 Shekel – Why, Why?!’ and ‘look – traffic, traffic!’ Grumpy bugger. I knew that we were still paying a little extra than we should. ‘I can’ wait to get out of this taxi!’ Sharon remarked. Ok, thought to myself, I know he’s a dick, but no need to say it out loud. ‘to explore!’ she added!

Arriving at Ras El Amud – East Jerusalem

I paid him the exact amount of 80 NIS and got out of the cab in a clearly Palestinian area around 10 minutes out of the old city. Roads were dusty, and women were walking around wearing hijabs. Each road sign was written in Arabic, Hebrew and English.

A Stunning Jerusalem Sunset

On our arrival, they took Sharon’s details and and a nice man called ‘Mofi’ (the night porter) took us to our room. He showed us the stunning view of the Dome of the Rock and the city walls from our bedroom. This is one of the most amazing views that I have ever had from a hotel room in my entire lifetime.

Jerusalem Sunset Panorama Hotel

We got carried away, snapping at the Jerusalem sunset with our cameras.

sunset Jerusalem Panorama Hotel

We were getting hungry, and time was pressing on, so we decided to go out to try to get Falafel. Sharon opened the door to what was pretty much a gail force wind. Mofi quickly appeared behind us and started saying ‘no, no, cold!’ He clearly didn’t want us to go out in it, but we explained that we needed to eat. He said ‘come, come!’ and took us back in  the lift. A few minutes later, falafel arrived to our room, marked up by two shekels! Credit to his entrepreneurship!


I hope that you enjoyed my pictures of a Jerusalem sunset. Read more this week from Israel including my search for the cave of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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