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As you may already know, I recently read an article in the Guardian about matched betting, a risk free betting technique that allows you to profit from the bookies. I read a little more about this technique on a blog by Emma Drew, and I also found it outlined on Save the Student. In my previous blog, I answered the question: ‘What is Matched Betting?’ Today, I am going to explain more about my matched betting experience, and talk you through a matched bet, step by step. I have also created a video for you on Matched Betting training.

My Matched Betting Experience

I tested matched betting out for myself by using a free Profit Accumulator Account to help me to calculate the best odds and the amount to lay. I did the first two bets with Coral and Betfred, starting with around £30, and, to my pleasant surprise, I pretty much doubled my money!

I then used the profits to upgrade to a Premium Profit Accumulator Account and put more of my own money into Betfair Exchange and a few other bookies. After my first month, I was £509 up! That’s a flight to Asia paid for!

I can honestly say that if you follow the process correctly it’s very easy and a good online earner.  Upgrading to the paid profit accumulator account has been worth it for me, because it means that I have the odds matching software for all bookies and training for all offers available, with daily updates. This is a massive time saver – you’re basically paying £22.99 a month to earn over £500.

Here’s my full Profit Accumulator review on my personal website.

And here’s an outline of how to get started…

How to Get Started with Matched Betting

1. Set up an Account with Betfair Exchange with Promo Code: K6NQH7NQM

2. Set up an account with

3. Watch these two FREE videos with Profit Accumulator and follow the steps for the Coral Bet:

On this matched bet, you should be seeing a profit between about £15 profit for half an hour (if that) on your laptop.

FREE Matched Betting Training Video

I’ve also uploaded a YouTube Video to explain how it’s done and to help you to understand matched betting as a process…

Things to Be Aware Of in Matched Betting

1. Matched Betting is only risk-free if you do it properly. If you make a mistake it can cost you. That means that you must double check against the odds calculator and the exchange before you place any bets.

2. ALWAYS match your bet. In other words, every bet you must put on must have a corresponding lay bet on Betfair. Remember that people can have gambling addictions and so you need to be aware of this. It is only risk-free if done properly.

3. You need to have some funds in your Betfair account to allow for liability (what you may lose after your bets have played out). The more that you can start with the faster your pot will grow. I started with £100 in Betfair and £30 in with other bookies.

4. If bookies find out that you are profiting from them, they could ‘gub’ you, which means limit your account and not allow you to use promotions. By placing the off ‘mug’ bet on your favourite team you can throw them off the trail! (A mug bet is a bet that is still matched but made to look like a normal punter e.g. bet on your favourite team or low odds).

5. Please note that Matched Betting may not be allowed in the US – you need to check the laws of your state. In the UK it is legal and an excellent online earner.

I hope that you have enjoyed this matched betting training. If you have any questions, please just ask!

Read more about Matched Betting here.

You can also earn online with 20 Cogs.

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