MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015!

This weekend, me and Simon had an absolutely amazing time at Comic Con in Birmingham, with our university friends Shaun and Jo.

MCM Comic Con 2015
Shaun (Han Solo), Jo (Poison Ivy), Amy (Kriegers Virtual Girlfriend) and Simon (Krieger – Archer) at Birmingham Comic Con 2015.

If you don’t know what Comic Con is, it is a convention that celebrates everything Comic-book. Geek Chic is everywhere, and if you go without a costume, be sure to feel left out!

Getting to Comic 2015 – The Yellow Jeep!

We always hire our cars from Hertz. Last time, our hire car had a chip on the windscreen, so if there is ever a problem they will always offer us a free upgrade for our next car hire.

Yellow Jeep
Me and Sy with the fab Yellow Jeep!

Simon went to collect the car and called me out to say ‘Have a look outside and guess which car is ours!’ It was a massive bright yellow Renegade Jeep! Perfect for driving to Comic Con! 😉

You never know who you will meet at Comic Con!

In the queue, I saw this amazing Fox with blue ears and had to get my photo taken with him, But, I don’t know who he is – we didn’t have time to ask. If you know, please comment on my blog below.
MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015

MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015 Film and TV Stars

Walking around a Comic Con, you will be sure to see film and TV stars. We saw Roger Ashton Griffiths (Mace Tyrell in Game of Thrones) and Nathan McMullen (Misfits).

You can get autographs (from £15) and photo shoots with your favourite stars (from £20). For a full list of the special guests at MGM Comic Con Birmingham 2015 click here.

Costumes at Birmingham Comic Con 2015

There was a brilliant Judge Dread setup and also some great Deadpools. Oh, and of course, it wouldn’t be Comic Con without a fleet of Storm Troopers!
Judge Dredd Comic Con 2015
Deadpool MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015
Popular this year was Adventure Time, with many ‘Jake the Dog’ and ‘Finn the Human’ costumes, although none that really were amazing. I’d like to see a proper full Jake the Dog, rather than just the Jake the Dog hats! We did meet the Ice King (or was he a nice King?) and the Lumpy Space Princess!

Comic Con Birmingham 2015
Me and Simon with the Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time!

My Toothless Hoodie!

The shops and stalls at Comic Con are amazing. You can get a lot of Geek and Pop Culture merchandise. My choice was this fantastic Toothless Hoodie (How to Train your Dragon).
Toothless Hoodie

Our Archer Cosplay at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2015

We are big fans of Archer, the American adult themed animated spy series. So we were dressed up as Krieger and Kriegers Virtual girlfriend. I’m the animated Japanese virtual girlfriend with pink hair!

Krueger and Kriegers Virtual Girlfriend Cosplay
Amy and Simon (Krieger and Kriegers Virtual Girlfriend Cosplay)

The most embarrassing thing about my costume was the length of the skirt! But that’s how she wears it 😉
We got a lot of attention as quite unique and obscure Cosplayers – I didn’t see another Virtual Girlfriend there.
The highlight was when I saw the rest of our ‘Archer Gang’. I spied the white fur that looked like Katya (the Russian spy who became bionic!) and ran after her saying – are you the rest of our gang?!
Archer Cosplay
Archer Cosplay with Katya, Cyril, Pam and Archer

Towards the end, we saw them again and found the rest of Archer including Mallory and Cheryl.

Amazing. We got quite a bit of Press attention and ended up being filmed for YouTube by Nate from The Winn Team!
Archer Cosplay
This is a pretty impressive Archer Cosplay group, don’t you think? I loved the fact that Cheryl has an Ocelot! We laughed because there were two Kriegers, but we said that’s ok because there can be clones! The only thing that we were missing was Lana.

All in all, a pretty amazing day. You will notice that I am shoeless, because the new white shoes shredded my heels! More preparation needed for that next time, but overall success!

Tips for visiting Comic Con

  • Make sure that you take enough food or take food money – it can get busy at the large events such as Birmingham and London.
  • Plan your costume in advance – Cosplay works well. If you have a good costume, be prepared for photography and press attention!
  • Book your tickets in advance online here, or prepare to be disappointed – most events sell out in advance.
  • If you are not great in crowds and queuing, book advanced Priority tickets. This will give you priority early entry from 10am and you will need to queue.
  • Take plenty of cash money – there are amazing shops and stalls and not all of them take Card.


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