Medic Alert Bracelet

Following my asthma attack last weekend, I decided it was really time to take control of my health. I also suffer from epilepsy secondary to a frontal lobe cavernoma. I realised that if anything happened whilst I was travelling and paramedics or doctors abroad were not aware of my condition, this could be fatal.
Health is an absolute priority, both at home and abroad. If you haven’t got your health, you can’t do anything that you love, and that includes travel.
The Medic Alert symbol – a snake wrapped around a staff.

Protect yourself with a Medic Alert Bracelet

In order to protect myself and ensure that paramedics are aware of my medical conditions, I ordered a medic alert bracelet online.
Medic Alert is a charity based in the UK that specialises in medical alert jewellery including bracelets and necklaces. The idea is that the first paramedics end doctors that see you in an emergency will recognise the medical alert symbol. They will immediately look on the back of your jewellery and be able to identify your medical conditions and allergies immediately.
My medic alert bracelet is purple fabric and fastened with Velcro, so it can be worn all the time. This style is great for outdoor activities because it stays in place and does not move or irritate the skin.
When I ordered my medic alert bracelet, there were quite a few conditions and allergies that I needed engraving. A medic alert nurse calls me to prioritise what should appear on the bracelet disc. I weight and breathing our first priority, so she advised me that asthma should appear first. This was then followed by epilepsy and other medical conditions. Last on the list was my allergies to certain medication.
I love my medic alert bracelet because it is comfortable to wear, looks stylish and reassures me that paramedics can ensure the right medical attention during an emergency. The bracelet itself cost me £56.
I am also a member of medical alert. My account means that they store additional information about my medical history on file along with my next of kin. This is available 24/7.

How to get a Medic Alert Bracelet

For anyone who loves to travel butdoes have a underlying medical conditions, I highly recommend that you order a medic alert bracelet. This could be life-saving in an emergency situation at home or abroad.
Order your medic alert bracelet here:
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