Modern Tel Aviv and Jaffa in Photos – The Gateway to Israel

Jaffa Tel Aviv

I’m here in modern Tel Aviv with Sharon Cracknell, author of Pringles, Vivas and a Glow in the Dark Jesus. We’re staying in an AirBnB on Dizengoff street, with our amazing secular Israeli host Val and his one-eyed dog, Masha.

I see Tel Aviv as the gateway to Israel due to the cheap and accessible Easyjet flights from Manchester to Tel Aviv. I actually saved so many Nectar Points that I didn’t even have to pay for it!

Welcome to Tel Aviv

Modern Tel Aviv is an amazing introduction to Israel, and the perfect relaxing break before you go on to absorb the intense history and culture of Jerusalem. It’s a modern, easy to navigate city with amazing culture and food. It’s forward thinking and diverse (see the essential guide to Gay Tel Aviv).

I was lucky enough to arrive in Tel Aviv on the weekend of the Purim celebrations. This Jewish holiday that traditionally celebrates the book of Esther has expanded to allow costumes that resemble something from the UK Comic Con or Halloween.

dog in Purim
Dog in Purim, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that you can enjoy in two or three days, but as it has a lovely beach and seafront, I recommend that you take more if you can!


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Israeli Breakfast

On our first day, we walked for some time to find a good breakfast place. As it was Purim, many places were booked up or had queues outside. I was starting to get ‘hangry’ and Sharon said ‘just wait one more minute, there’s got to be something here where these canopy’s are!’ She was totally right, and we had the best Israeli breakfast ever, to help us to recover from the flight.


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We then took a wonder around modern Tel Aviv, exploring the White city, extensive Bauhaus style buildings from the 1930’s.

The Seafront Walk to the Old Town

The following day, Sharon and I walked from modern Tel Aviv along the coastal promenade to the Old Town of Jaffa. It’s a beautiful walk, just under an hour.


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The Old Town contains Biblical snippets, including Simon the Tanner’s house, where St Peter supposedly raised Tabitha from the dead.

Jaffa presents some phenomenal religious history, starting with the seafront Mosque and Armenian Church.


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My favourite religious building in Jaffa is the beautiful St Peter’s Church.


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Make sure that you walk to the top of Jaffa, the old town, for some stunning views of Tel Aviv Bay.


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Street Art of Modern Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is an extremely modern city and easy to navigate with popular street art. There are two main locations to visit for Tel Aviv Street Art: Carmel Market and the streets around Florentin.


These #steampunk #plaguedoctors are my favourite piece of #streetart in #TelAviv so far! #plaguedoctor #plaguedoctormask #artoftheday #art #cool #artistic #israel?? #travel #photography #backpacking

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I found Tel Aviv to be extremely safe to walk around and easy to navigate. Most people could speak English and were happy to stop to help.

One thing to note is that Israel is not exactly cheap. It’s basically higher than UK prices, so make sure that you take a healthy budget. You might also like to read my article on How to Budget for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

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