Phoenix Hotel near Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi – Overnight Layover Review

I decided that I didn’t want Bangkok to be my introduction to Thailand. In the hope of a more peaceful alternative to the chaos of Khao San Road as the rip-off tuk-tuks, I decided to fly North straight to the temples of Chiang Rai, and it was absolutely the right decision. Today I’m reviewing my layover at the Phoenix Hotel near Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok is an international hub. The airport is modern and easy to navigate, with clean toilets and good signposting. Although I find the city two big and full of traffic to stay there long term, I would definitely use it as a layover for an international transfer.

Phoenix Hotel near Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi

The great thing about Phoenix Hotel is that it has free airport transfers both ways for layovers – I’d say it’s one of the best value hotels near Bangkok airport. I flew from Manchester to Bangkok with Qatar airways, which were excellent. They have good food and movies on board. There is a non stop trolley service for drinks (much more luxurious than Ryanair or Easyjet).

For the Phoenix hotel transfer go to gate 4 where you will see lots of hotel representatives waiting. You simply look for the Phoenix Hotel sign and someone will be there to meet you. Transfers are regular. You shouldn’t be waiting more than 20 minutes or half an hour (traffic can be bad in Bangkok). You arrive at the Phoenix in around 15-20 minutes. The drivers and representatives help you to get your bags on if you need it.

The Phoenix Hotel near Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi has everything that you need for an airport layover. They provide free toiletries, towels and tea/coffee in your room.

They offer a simple but nice breakfast (I went for eggs on toast) but check your booking to see if it’s included. If it’s not included you pay 150 baht for breakfast plus tea and orange juice.

Airport Transfers from Phoenix Hotel Bangkok to the Airport

The hotel reception will arrange your transfer back to the hotel the next morning and give you a wake up call. I arrived at around 8pm the evening before and left at 11am the next morning for a 1.30pm flight and the timing was perfect.

Other Options for Airport Layover Hotels in Bangkok

There are other options at the actual airport. Novotel is right there with a reception desk in the airport, but is more expensive. There is also the Boxtel, but they don’t have their own bathrooms, you have to use the adjacent airport bathrooms which I didn’t like due to the lack of privacy. So, all in all I’d recommend the Phoenix hotel as the perfect cheap airport layover. There is also the Jade Garden which other travellers at the airport were recommending.

From Bangkok, you can fly north to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai or South to Phuket or the other islands. You can also use Bangkok as a base to explore other countries by flying to Seam Reap or Kuala Lumpur.

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