Priority Pass for First Class Airport Lounges!

I’m here today to review the Priority Pass and the Priority Pass Standard Plus. I highly recommend a Priority Pass if you are a frequent traveller as it helps you to get into the first class lounges. This drastically reduces my airport anxiety!

My Priority Pass Arrived this week!

I’m so excited, because I have just received my Priority Pass through the post. A Priority Pass is a card that acts as a pass to over 700 First Class Airport Lounges Worldwide. It is the largest independent airport lounge scheme and includes lounges in the worlds top cities including London, Cairo and Dubai to name just a few!

How does the Standard Priority Pass Membership Work?

The Priority Pass that I have received costs £69 for annual membership, which will give you (and anyone accompanying you) access to the First Class lounge in any of the partnering airport lounges for just £15 each.  You attach a credit or debit card to your account, and this £15 fee is simply taken out of your account every time that you use an airport lounge.

Priority Pass Standard Plus and Prestige Priority Pass Membership

If you use airport lounges frequently (more than 5 or 6 times a year), you may want to go for the Priority Pass Standard Plus or Prestige Priority Pass. Standard Plus costs £159 (annual fee) for 10 free visits and £15 per visit after that. Prestige Priority Pass holders pay £259 for unlimited visits to partnering First Class Lounges.
If you only travel two or three times a year, a standard Priority Pass may be worth the investment for you, rather than the Standard Plus or Prestige. As I flight at least 10 times a year, I’m definitely thinking about upgrading to Priority Pass Standard Plus!

What are the Benefits of using First Class Airport Lounges?

For me, as a blogger, the free WIFI and quiet environment are essential for me to get work done in airports and relax. I travel a lot, and using the first class lounges makes a big difference to my journeys. Here are some of the main perks of using a first class airport lounge….

  • Free WIFI
  • Large comfortable chairs
  • Quiet
  • Free Newspapers
  • Refreshments (sometimes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Conference facilities
  • Showers (great for when you have a long haul flight with lots of changes as you can freshen up)
  • Telephones
  • TV

Which Airports are Partnered with Priority Pass?

When you register your Priority Pass Membership, you will receive a black book containing all of the partnering airport lounges. You can also download a PDF or search for an airport lounge at your destination airport here.

Download the Priority Pass App

You can also download the Priority Pass App for your iPhone, Blackberry or Android. This will make it easier for you to find a lounge, and get information about facilities.

How to get a Standard Priority Pass for FREE as a Travel Blogger

Popular travel bloggers with a good social media presence and backlinks to their sites may be offered a free (complimentary) Priority Pass. The level that you are offered may vary for more experienced bloggers, but I was offered the standard pass for free. Simply email Priority Pass and explain that you are a travel blogger looking to review the Priority Pass or certain airport lounges. Supply links to your blog and social media accounts and request a complimentary Priority Pass.
I can’t wait to use my Priority Pass at the end of the month, when I travel from Stansted to Morocco. Do you use a Priority Pass standard plus or Airport Lounges?
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*This is a sponsored post – I always declare when I get something for ‘free’, which allows me to review products and destinations and this keeps the information available to you!

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