Roamler – Earn on the Road with this Smartphone App

I previously blogged about my top 5 apps for earning money, and Roamler secured the Top Spot. If you are a blogger wanting to earn more money, or if you want to work from home, you will love this. It’s even something that you can fit around another job if you like. Me, I like to Roamler on the road! (Visit the website here).

What is Roamler?

If you don’t know what Roamler is, it’s an app that sends small tasks to your iPhone. These tasks can include street checks and mystery shopping on the high street. I first learnt about this app from Emma Drew.

What Tasks do you do with Roamler?

My first paid task was to do a banana check in the Tesco’s in Leeds. I earned £2 by going in to check the bananas, taking a photo of them and reporting on how they looked….

Other tasks that I have done include looking for certain drinks in bars and goods on supermarket shelves. I did several ‘Flamingo Fling tasks for Britvic. I basically had to go into a load of bars and photograph the drink in the fridge (if it was there). Then I had to answer questions on my phone about the marketing and promotional material on display.

Roamler is International

If you love to Travel, and are based in Europe, then Roamler is great for you, because they also have tasks in mainland Europe. That’s why it’s is the perfect app for travel bloggers – you can literally earn on the road! I managed to do some from Stockholm in Sweden during my first TBEX.
I’ve also seen plenty of tasks on the map in Germany and the Netherlands. I might just take another trip! 😉

How do you become a ‘Roamler?

You have to receive an invite code to use the app. Install the app on your phone and then it will ask you for an invite code. Approach a current Roamler (someone like me!) and simply ask for a code. If you don’t know of anyone, try going on the Facebook Page and asking someone on there.
Roamler UK Facebook Page
Roamler Facebook Page

The True Earning Potential of Roamler

There is great adding potential with this app because when you reach Level 3 you start to release an invite code every level. Share these invite codes with other people who want to join and once they exceed level two, you can earn an extra 2% on all of their tasks. If you would like an invite code, please contact me or send me an email (
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