Rwanda Uganda Border Crossing

I travelled from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda to Kampala, the capital of Uganda by bus (Rwanda Uganda border crossing). It inspired me to blog about border crossings and travel between these two African Cities.
When you cross the Rwanda Uganda border, the earlier you can travel the better, incase of any hold-ups. You don’t want to arrive at your new destination after dark where you can risk getting lost of meeting pickpockets.

#1 Documentation for the Rwanda Uganda Border crossing

Checck that you have your passport, yellow fever certificate and correct visa for the Rwanda Uganda border crossing. It was easier for me because I am British, and Rwanda and Uganda are Commonwealth Countries.
However, I do have friends who were not let through because they did not have the right visas, or who could not get back into Rwanda after their visit to Uganda because they did not have a multiple entry visa.

#2 Money for the Rwanda Uganda Border Crossing

For the border crossing, make sure that you have crisp, flat and untorn notes in USD ($). I had taken dollars for the crossing, but because they were crumpled and one was torn, they would not accept them. Thankfully, I was crossing with a Rwandan friend who had Ugandan shillings which she lent me, otherwise I would not have got through!
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#3 Be quick so that your Bus does not go without you!

There can be lengthy queues at the Rwanda-Uganda border crossing. Get in them early – don’t waste time in the bathroom or exchanging money. Some travellers have reported that their buses have left without them – with their luggage still on board!

#4 Keep your Bags with you and Check their Contents

The borders are strictly controlled and baggage is checked for drugs. Make sure that you check your bags and do not let them out of site when doing a border crossing. One traveller I met had drugs smuggled in her bag before a border crossing. Luckily, her travel partner noticed, and took the packet out of her bag and threw it back down the bus before the crossing took place.

#5 Be prepared for the Culture Shock

Crossing the Rwanda Uganda border was a slight shock to the system for me, as Rwanda feels a bit like my home away from home! Uganda is much more corrupt and unregulated.
As soon as you cross the border, expect pot holes in the roads and random police checks. Children are seen selling on the streets, which doesn’t happen in Rwanda (Kagame would probably imprison the parents). Never presume that things are going to work in the same way when you cross a border.
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