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Taking a Gap Year – 10 things that you need to do to Prepare

Taking a gap year

Gap years have been very popular particularly for students – taking a gap year between college and university, or before they venture into the world of work. However, in the last decade, there has been a drastic increase in the number of working professionals and retired people who are taking a gap year. Taking a […]

Most Walkable cities in Europe

Top Walkable Cities in Europe

I truly believe that city walks are an amazing way to absorb culture and history during an international trip. City walks to keep you fit and healthy and allow you to stumble upon unexpected delights. I love to explore the most walkable cities in Europe including Tallinn, Amsterdam and Oxford. If you are looking for […]

Good places to Travel that aren’t too Expensive

good places to travel that aren't too expensive

As a digital nomad, I’ve recently been asked about good places to travel that aren’t too expensive. If you are travelling on a budget, it is easy to make the most of your money by staying in one of these inexpensive travellers havens…. Please note that all prices are averages based on my travel experience […]