My Top 10 Famous Churches of the World

famous churches of the world st basils

I’ve been travelling for around 20 years now, and as Temple Seeker, I feel that it’s time to bring to you my top 10 famous Churches of the world. These Churches have been chosen based on a combination of religious importance and architectural design. These are also Churches that I have visited during my travels. … Read more

My Ultimate Round the World Packing List

ultimate round the world packing list

It’s so liberating to have all that you need in just one backpack or suitcase, and knowing that you can travel the whole world with everything in there. My previous article on hand luggage only packing for Iceland was a big success, so now I would like to share what I use for worldwide destinations when travelling … Read more

Top 10 Travel Tips!

Top Travel Tips

Many people are asking me to share my top 10 travel tips. This is a difficult one because there are so many tips I want to share! But, if I had to summarise my 10 most important travel tips, here’s what I would say… 1. Travel Slow The first of my top travel tips is … Read more