Templeseeking in 2017 – Travel Blog Highlights

Templeseeking in 2017 – Travel Blog Highlights

Happy new year everyone! I hope that you’ve had a good one wherever you have spent it. I celebrated new year at the beautiful York Minster, UK. I’m here today to share my travel blog highlights of 2017.

2017 is a fantastic year to look back on for Temple Seeker, as it was the year that my Church and temple photo travel blog really took off. Here’s a rundown of my key highlights and achievements over the last 12 months.

Temple Seeker Travel Blog Highlights of 2017

Pisa, Italy – February 2017

I spent Valentines Day with my partner in Pisa, Italy. A stunning city all round – accessible, amazing food and fabulous Church architecture. We headed to Piazza dei Miracoli to see the Duomo, Baptistry and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Piazza dei Miracoli Square of Miracles, Pisa

Holy Land Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem) – March and April 2017

My biggest travel blog highlight of 2017 has to be my visit to Israel including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Qumran and Bethlehem. Visiting the Holy Land Israel had been a lifelong dream of mine, and as you can imagine, I was in my element.

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

During my trip to Israel, I published blogs on:

I’m sure that you will agree that in the Holy Land I was completely in my element! I feel like there is still plenty more to explore in Israel, and I found it so easy to travel there that I have no doubt that I will return. In the future, I would love to combine this with a trip to Jordan to visit Petra.

Paris, France – September 2017

The capital city of France was a fabulous destination for Temple Seeking. Highlights of course included the most amazing French gothic structure of Notre Dame and the beautiful stained glass windows of Sainte Chapelle.

Churches of Paris

I also climbed the stairs to Monmartre for the wonderful Sacre Coeur Basilica and the phenomenal view of the city.

Sacre Coeur Monmartre

Edinburgh, Scotland – November 2017

The capital city of Edinburgh made a fabulous destination for Temple Seeking in November, despite being a little chilly! Highlights of this trip were finding Greyfriars Bobby (remembering the story of that faithful little dog from my childhood) and visiting the Rosslyn Chapel where they filmed the Da Vinci Code.

travel blog highlights Edinburgh 2017

Travel Blog Highlights – 2017 Travel Blog Guest Posts

One of my key travel blog highlights of 2017 was taking guest blogs. 2017 was the first year that I officially started taking guest posts from other bloggers. Guest posts provide me with great content, particularly for places that I may not have travelled too, and also raise the profile of the writer by giving a Google backlink and social media promotion. Temple Seeker’s top guest posts of 2017 were:

Shedagon Pagoda Myanmar Burma temples
Shedagon Pagoda Myanmar, by Deah Hester
Viscri Fortified Church Transylvania, by Stefan
Viscri Fortified Church Transylvania, by Stefan Alexander

Social Media Achievements

In 2017, I started my fabulous Temple Seeker Instagram account, which I am extremely proud of. It’s a lot more niche than other generic travel blogs, because it has a focus. I now have over 200 followers – it seems to be more challenging to build Instagram since they changed the algorithm last year. Please follow me on Instagram!

I am also thrilled that my Temple Seeker Facebook page now has over 2500 page likes and is growing quickly. Like Temple Seeker on Facebook.

Looking forward – Travel Goals 2018

In 2018, I will be starting the year in the beautiful UK historical city of York in January, and then heading to my home town of Liverpool in February. I am basing my blogs on UK travel at the start of the year as I am awaiting an operation for stage 4 endometriosis and don’t want to travel further afield until this has been done.

From March/April onwards, the world is my oyster so to speak! I am leaving my full time job in Liverpool to go full time as a travel blogger and digital nomad. My plans include Malta, Thailand and Mexico.

Here’s a run down of my rough 2018 plan…

  • January – York, UK
  • February – Liverpool, UK
  • March – Manchester, UK
  • April and May – Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • June – Valetta, Malta
  • July – Ostrava and Prague (Czech Republic)
  • August -Budapest (Hungary) and Vienna (Austria)
  • September -London and Bath, UK
  • October – Mexico City, Mexico
  • November – Medellin, Columbia
  • December – Lima, Peru

Blogging and Social Media Goals 2018

As well as travel goals, I also have blogging and social media goals for this year, as I really want to ramp up my Temple Seeker travel blog. Here is what I aim to achieve by the end of next year:

  • 3000 page views per month on Google Analytics
  • 5000 Facebook fans
  • 1000 Twitter followers
  • 1000 Instagram followers
  • At least 4 blogs per month (including one monthly guest blog)

Thanks for sharing my travel blog highlights of 2017 and looking forward to 2018 with me. What are your goals for 2018? Blogging, travel or otherwise, please share them in the comments below and I will answer you!




Hi, I'm Amy and I have over 25 years of travel experience. I love seeking out temples, Churches and other religious and historical buildings. My BA (Religions and Theology) and MA (South Asian Studies) were gained from the University of Manchester. When I'm not blogging about Europe, Asia and the Middle East you will find me at home in Liverpool with my husband and Blake the Patterdale terrier! Come and join me on my templeseeking journey around the world!

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