The Evil Eye York – Welcome to my Favourite Bar in York!

The Evil Eye York, is located in the heart of York city Centre on Stonegate. It looks like a beer shop from the outside, but don’t be fooled, go right through to the back, or down the alley to the left with this sign above it! Inside, you will be amazed at what you find….

Why I love the Evil Eye York

The Evil Eye is a Shabby-Chic Themed Bar with Moroccan and Malaysian Theme.
If you are wanting classy and sophisticated, the Evil Eye, York, is probably not for you, but in my opinion, what you find inside is even better. I love grungy and quirky, so this definitely fits the bill.
The music taste is pretty good too – I have heard them play Kings of Leon and Stone Roses.
Oh, and apparently, it’s Jonny Depps favourite bar!
Over 15 types of Vodka? Check.
Iguanas on purple walls? Check.
Food menu with Thai and Indian Curry? Check.
Beds to Relax in? Oh yeah!

Do you like, quirky, colourful and different? If the answer is yes, get yourself to the Evil Eye York  NOW!
Tip – York Hotels can book up early, especially on race days, so make sure that you book in advance.
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Drinks at Evil Eye – Cocktails that will ‘Have an Effect!’

Some say that the cocktails are a little pricey, but I know that they are reasonable considering that they are generous on the alcohol – 2 or 3 of these will really put you in a good mood!
All the classics are there on the ‘Evil Drinks’ menu, including Margheritas and Mohitos. You can also have Sex on the Beach, of course!
If you have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend ‘Heaven’. This is a creamy chocolatey mix including Baileys and Khalua.
If you are up for getting hammered, they do a pretty good selection of shots.

Non – Alcoholic Drinks at Evil Eye Lounge

Should you be a non-drinker, or visiting for a non alcoholic beverage, I recommend the Shirley Temple – a tangy blend of ginger beer, orange and grenadine. There is also a selection of teas including Chai tea. Yum, yum.
Don’t be put off by the queues at the bar. The bar staff are extremely experienced and good at remembering who is next. It’s also really enjoyable to watch them mixing and shaking, so go on, get in there.

The Food Menu at Evil Eye

The food menu is a basic mix of Thai and Indian curries. Although it is a basic food menu, the Pad Thai is pretty good. I have yet to try the Indian curries. They also sometimes offer specials and there is a Roast Dinner on offer during the winter months.
My only gripe with Evil Eye is that the internet connection was not great. However, I don’t think I would get much work done in there anyway – too much fun! 😉
If you are in York, I highly recommend that you pay Evil Eye a visit. Leave your comments below.
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