The reality of Visiting the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal – A Stunning Marble Mausoleum and Building Complex

The Taj Mahal is a stunning complex of buildings including a beautiful marble mausoleum, built as a gift for Shah Jahan’s favourite wife Mumtaz in 1632 (after she died).

At the Taj Mahal, you will see other Masjids (Mosques) and buildings as well as the mausoleum itself. Many people forget that the Taj Mahal is a complex of buildings, not just one. Some of these other buildings are as stunning as the actual Marble Taj you see in the photographs. The gardens of the Taj Mahal are also very beautiful.

Controversial – Is the Taj Mahal all it’s Hyped up to be?

I hate to break this to you, but the Taj Mahal is not all it’s hyped up to be!  Don’t get me wrong, I fully recommend that you pay a visit to the Taj. It is one of the world’s finest architectural examples. Just don’t hype it up to be the most amazing thing that you will see in your life, because then you may be disappointed.

Go there as early as possible, take a good camera and spend time taking it all in. Remember the eras in which it was constructed and has lived through. Also, visit the Taj Mahal without any preconceptions and you will enjoy its beauty.

To help you to enjoy your visit, I have outlined below some of the things that overshadowed my journey. Don’t let them put you off, just be aware.

1. Travelling to the Agra from Delhi is a less than Pleasant Trip.

We took a bus, which hardly stopped to let us of to go to the loo! The roads were bumpy and the bus was very crowded. During my bus ride, a large Indian woman sat on my lap! She looked at me, and I said ‘Koi bat nahin’ meaning ‘It doesn’t matter’ in Hindi, whilst thinking to myself ‘when is she going to get off?!’ Us British never have been ones for saying what we really think, have we?!

I spoke to a few travellers who travelled by train, most said that it was a pleasant journey, but getting the tickets from Delhi train station was a nightmare – you are better paying someone to get them for you! One person I spoke to had a bag stolen on the train from Delhi to Agra. If you take the train, go early, lock your bags and don’t let them out of your sight.

2. Poverty is immense in India and you will see Slums near the Taj Mahal

If you have ever seen the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, this is a pretty accurate representation of the way things are in Agra. Hundreds of rich, bustling tourists flocking to see the Taj while people living in Agra face poverty. That is the reality of India, sadly.

Do not give money to beggars – you will be flocked by more of them. Also, the one may not go to feed the children, it may be ciphened off by ‘managers’ or used for alcohol or drugs. If you want to help, donate to a sustainable charity that has projects in India, such as Oxfam.

3. The Taj will be Smaller than you Think

Photographs of the Taj Mahal are usually taken from ground level, which elaborates the height of the building. When I first saw the Taj, dare I admit, I looked at it and thought ‘It’s a bit small, is that it?!’ Sadly, I had hyped it up in my mind too much, which damped my appreciation of it’s beauty.

4. Jewels and Items have been Stolen from the beautiful Taj Mahal

The Taj was originally constructed and encrusted with semi-precious stones including Lapis-Lazuli, Coral and Onyx. Sadly, many of these have been removed, embarrassingly during the Colonial era, when India was governed by British rule. In addition, other items stolen include…

  • An entrance door of carved Jasper
  • Gold leaf covering the cast iron joints of the jali screen around the cenotaphs
  • Enamelled lamps from the tomb’s interior

5. People will try to Con you left Right and Centre

Everyone in India is trying to make money, and as soon as they see a foreigner, they see a target! Indeed, not all Indians are like this. Most are honest and hospitable.

However, when you are at a tourist destination, prepare to be ripped off! Everything will be 10 X the price it should be for you. Need a hotel? Your Rickshaw driver will have a cousin who owns one, for three times the price! You may be sitting in a cafe and a wonderful perfume shop appears out of a briefcase!

Remember that you are allowed to say no – India taught me how to be a lot more assertive.

Enjoy the Taj Mahal and don’t Miss it!

Despite all these things that may overshadow your Taj Mahal experience, don’t let it put you off. If you are concerned, it may be a good idea to pay a local guide to watch your back and take you places.

For me, it wasn’t the most beautiful thing I ever saw, but it was certainly up there in the top 10! One day, I would like to return and take more in.

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Taj Mahal India – Don’t Forget your Travel Insurance

Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is so important as it will help you with emergencies and unexpected costs on your trip. Make sure that you declare any pre-existing health conditions so that you are covered for those. Check your cover for accidents and medical care and also lost baggage or getting things stolen. Remember to report as soon as something goes wrong on your trip because some travel insurance companies require you to report something that you want to claim for within 24 hours. Read the fine print carefully when you sign up. I always recommend World Nomads. You can get a free quote here:


What to Pack for India

Consider packing conservative clothing and a shawl or headscarf for women if you would like to visit religious places. Some comfortable sandals work well in India as it can be hot so they will let your feet breathe. It can get extremely hot in some parts of India and so sun cream is essential.

It’s a good idea to pack conservative clothing for India. Avoid short skirts and low cut tops or spaghetti straps. Comfortable trousers and linen tops are great. Long skirts and Maxi dresses also work really well and are comfortable with the heat. Comfortable loose cotton or linen trousers are perfect. Don’t forget your sunglasses, and pack your prescription sunnies if you have those!

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