As Temple Seeker, I love to take part in tours at the most interesting historical and religious sites around the world. I love visiting solo from time to time and reading up about things, of course, but I find that you never get the same full information as when you take a tour. So temple tours are at the top of my list when I go traveling.

Temple Tours and Churches

Some of the most interesting temple tours I have taken around the world include the Rosslyn Chapel (Scotland) and York Minster (England). One of my all time favourite of the most famous Churches is La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Soon, I’m heading to Thailand (April 2018) for some phenomental tours of temples in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Look out for these on my blog!

Dark Tourism and Historical Tours

I’ve also experienced some interesting historical tours focussing on dark history such as tours of concentration camps Dachau (Germany) and Auschwitz (Poland). The Rwandan Genocide Museum in Kigali was also a harrowing tour, yet one that I wouldn’t have missed, as it helped me to fully understand the politics and history behind the massacre that had such a devastating impact on the country.