Riding the Battambang Bamboo Train

Battambang Bamboo Train

One of the biggest draws to Cambodia’s second largest city is the Battambang Bamboo train. Now a glorified tourist attraction, the train gives an insight of how people used to transport goods from Battambang to Phnom Penh. A massive sigh of relief rippled across Cambodia when in January, the government had finally announced that the bamboo train was back … Read more

Taking the Phnom Penh Killing fields Tour

Phnom Penh Killing fields tour

The first out of the ordinary thing I did this Christmas was fly on Christmas day to Cambodia.The second was to plunge straight into dark Cambodian history on the Phnom Penh Killing fields tour. Here’s a run down of what this tour is really like. Is it worth visiting the Phnom Penh killing fields? How … Read more