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This week I travelled from the beautiful University city of Oxford to the history Northern city and previous UK capital of York. In today’s blog, I will be sharing with you the easiest and best travel routes between Oxford and York.

It is recommended that you book your accommodation in the UK in advance, as you can’t always guarantee that there will be somewhere to stay available.

Oxford to York by Train

The easiest and quickest way to travel between Oxford and York is by train, which takes approximately 3 hours and a half. There is a direct train. The train stations in both of these UK cities are easy to find and walkable from the city centre.

To get to Oxford train station from the centre of Oxford, go down George street and Hythe Bridge Street. You will go past the Oxford Backpackers Hostel on your left hand side Keep going until you get to the Said Business school. The train station in Oxford is past the Said Business school and on the left.

When you arrive in York, you will come out of the main station to find a taxi rank and maps available. York is quite a small city and easy to find your way around – basically, look for the Medieval City Walls and head towards them – once inside the walls, you have entered the main part of the city!

I booked my train in advance and used my Railcard to get 1/3 off, which cut my train fare by half. Walk on price for a single from Oxford to York is £133.00 – you don’t want to, or need to pay this.

You can also follow this link for trains from Oxford to York with The Trainline.

Oxford to York by Bus

There is a Megabus (now FlixBus) which will get you around the UK much cheaper than the trains, but it will also take a lot longer, so you will need to factor that in your trip. You might also find that you need to change more frequently.

At the time of writing this blog, there were no Megabuses direct from Oxford to York. However, you can get the Megabus from Oxford to London, and then get a Megabus from London to York.  You can also get the Megabus from London to Leeds and then a train from Leeds to York (book it in advance!). Check out the FlixBus website.

Here are my search results for travelling from London to York. I recommend staying for at least 5 days in London if your budget can stretch to it, but London is expensive.

The Megabus from Oxford to London can be as cheap as £8. Make sure that you tell the driver when you get on that you want Megabus.

There is also the Oxford Tube, which is very cheap and effective for Oxford to London (£15) and runs more frequently. Some drivers of other more expensive companies in Oxford are charging for tickets (higher prices) at the same stand as the Megabus/Tube. The first time, we were fooled into buying a non-megabus/Tube ticket and ended up paying more!

For the overall journey to York from Oxford with Megabus (via London), you are looking at around £8 plus £15, so £23 in total if you book it online in advance. That is almost a third of the Oxford – York train price (even with railcards!). Remember that you can use your student card for a discount on Megabuses too.

If you can, spend a day or two in London (if you haven’t already!)

Driving from Oxford to York

Once we hired a car to get from Oxford to York to see if it was more cost effective. It can work out a bit cheaper and generally more pleasant if there are two or three of you, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it on your own. The drive is approximately 3 and a half hours, so it takes around the same time as the train, but this is dependent on traffic of course, and does not take into consideration any accidents or tail backs.

UK roads are amongst the safest in the world. Just remember to drive on the left! 😉

How are you travelling in the UK? Please comment on this blog and let me know how you are getting on.

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