Wire Organiser – Packing Wires for your Travels

You know what it’s like as a modern traveller….you have so many ‘essential’ gadgets that they are difficult to pack. The iPhone, the laptop, the camera, the GoPro, the Kindle. It’s hard to find the wires to charge them when they are in a tangled mush at the bottom of your trusty backpack. A wire organiser will be just what you need.

My Random Wire ‘Mush’

During my last trip to Denmark and Sweden (Stockholm and Landsort) I realised that the tangled wire mush was no longer an option. I was staying in a dorm. I yanked a bunch of intertwined wires out of my backpack and it pulled out a plethora of random objects. It basically spewed stuff everywhere in a fashion similar to the expulsion from Sigourney Weavers belly in ‘Alien’.
And all of the wires were the same colour, which didn’t help when deciding whether the wire I actually pulled out was for the iPhone or Kindle ;-S

Wire Organiser – Be Wire Mush Free during your Travels

My current trip to Tenerife is actually wire mush free. That’s because I researched this issue online and found my Universal Cable and Electronics organiser case!
So now, instead of the alien explosion, I simply remove this from my backpack instead…

This portable electronic organiser case has space for USB sticks, camera batteries, cables and SD cards – perfect for travel blogging.
I also made it even easier for myself by using my label maker to label plugs and buying different colour coded charging wires. Sound stupid? Please remember that I have an abundance of eletronics as a travel blogger, and I welcome anything that makes my life easier! I now know that my iPhone charger is orange and my iPad charger is pink. The Macbook charger is white and the camera cable is black. Simples!

The colourful adapters and wires are also available on Amazon…

The Kindle plug is labelled ‘Kindle’ and the camera charger is labelled ‘camera’, just incase I forget. Ok, you may think that the label maker is a bit OTT, but I love it! Many thanks to Kate from atidymind.com for inspiring me to get organised! My label maker is a Dymo label maker with a Qwerty keyboard…

If you need even more room in your wire organiser, for example if you carry a mouse and spare batteries, go for the BUBM organiser. The BUBM has another layer for your extras…

What about you? Do you use a wire organiser? Or maybe you have recently bought one and it has changed your life?!?

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