Zvonková – Church of St. John of Nepomuk

*This weeks guest post Zvonková – Church of St. John of Nepomukis by Tomas from E & T Abroad.

Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Zvonková

This church isn’t extra big, nor very old, nor architecturally impressive yet it’s very interesting, especially the history of the place where it stands. You can find this church in Šumava between Lipno lake and Austrian borders.

History of Zvonková and the Church of St. John of Nepomuk

The history of this church begun at the end of 18th century when it was built in a village called Glöckelberg (Czech name – Zvonková) and there lived a total of 1610 inhabitants in 212 houses in 1913. As you can see the name is German so more than 95% of residents were ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia.
The village’s location became fatal. The so-called communistic “iron curtain” was passed directly through the village, and Zvonková was in the forbidden border zone after the Second World War. The village was forgotten and destroyed after the Expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia. Only three buildings have remained: the church, the parsonage, and the house where is small hotel now.
From the church remained the only overgrown torso without a roof with a broken tower and perimeter walls at the time of ending the communist regime. Thanks to the care mainly of the German original inhabitants or their descendants and supporters, the church finally received expensive renovations. A completely devastated adjacent cemetery was restored and newly modified too.
Nowadays, the Church of St. John of Nepomuk is open to public daily and in the nearby parsonage is located small museum about Glöckelberg/Zvonková with a lot of pictures and stories about the history of the village. You can visit this place by car, bike or walk as it is a popular place for hikes and biking.

Bio: Tomas & Eva 

Tomas and his wife Eva are photographers, travellers and bloggers from Prague. They have already visited more than 50 countries and like to highlight the ease of travel. They want to inspire people to travel.

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