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HI, I’m Amy, AKA Templeseeker! UK based travel blogger excited to bring to you the most amazing cultural destinations around the world.

A bit about me….

My childhood included a year in South Africa, which I always feel ignited my passion for travel. On our return to the UK, my home situation was tough when my parents went through a messy divorce, leaving us in struggling financial situation. This spurred me on to be financially independent and looking back, probably gave me the drive to achieve what I have done to date.

In 1999, I left home (sunny Wolverhampton!) and headed to Manchester University, where I had three fantastic years studying World Religions and Theology. I loved every minute of my degree, and Buddhism and Hinduism were my key areas of study. My favourite units were ‘Buddhism and Modernity’ with Francesca Torocco and Indian Philosophy with Jacqueline Southern-Hurst.

After 6 weeks of travelling around Russia and China, I then returned to the UK to train as a Religious Studies and Geography teacher. I became a secondary teacher of Religious Studies and Philosophy, where my love for Indian Religions and my wanderlust grew. I went back to Manchester University four years later to study an MA in South Asian Studies.

Following more than ten years as a secondary school teacher, I became ill with severe endometriosis, and I was also feeling the stress of relentless hours in teaching. I knew that as much as I loved being a teacher, it wasn’t sustainable through to retirement age.

I retrained online with a BTEC in social media for business, and I set up my own online business managing social media for clients. Working my own hours online allowed me to become location independent and work on my passion of travel blogging. ‘Templeseeker’ was born! This blog is me all over, and combines everything that I love!

Post Travel depression
Here I am, at Wat Pho, Thailand

Since starting Temple Seeker in 2015, I have grown my blog into a sustainable business, and I am passionate about sharing my hints and tips with my readers. My mission is predominantly to help solo female travellers with a passion in cultural, historical and religious travel to achieve their dreams.

Some of my favourite destinations in the world include Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Sukhothai ancient Buddha park in Thailand and the old town of Krakow, Poland.

Got a particular bucket list item that you are desperate to check off your list? Feel free to share…I may just be able to help you out!

Happy temple seeking,


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