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The Best Places to Stay in Sicily

best places Sicily Cefalu

Today’s article is a guest blog on the best places to stay in Sicily by our fabulous apprentice Raffaella Bonaccorso. I’m here to introduce you to the best places to stay in Sicily. Perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily has seduced travellers since the time of legends. It is worth visiting for […]

Things to do in Positano – 7 Amazing Experiences

things to do in Positano

Today’s blog on things to do in Positano is by Emilija Murdzoska, our fabulous apprentice. One of the Amalfi’s coast most beautiful, luxury and romantic places, seaside treasure – Positano! Famous for its unique buildings painted in yellow, red and white set in the unique vertical cliffside. It’s full of beautiful villas, luxury hotels, stylish […]

The Sistine Chapel – An Unforgettable Visual and Spiritual Feast

Sistine Chapel Rome

Today’s post is a guest blog on the Sistine Chapel Rome by Marilyn Nash on behalf of holyart.com. When I stepped into the Sistine Chapel, my immediate wish was that everyone else would leave so that I could be there alone. I wanted to become one with its magnificence; a breathtaking trinity of spirituality, art, […]