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Solo Female Travel in Poland – The Ultimate Guide

solo female travel in Poland

Traveling solo as a woman can be a rewarding and enriching experience, and Poland is a great destination to consider for your next solo adventure. It’s one of my favourite countries to visit! From its vibrant cities and stunning natural landscapes, to its rich culture and history, Poland has a lot to offer the curious […]

Things to do in Katowice, Poland

things to do in Katowice

Katowice has always remained in the shadow of Krakow. Yet the UNESCO heritage site of Krakow is becoming more expensive, crowded and even ripping off tourists. Cue Katowice – this industrial town just 70km East of Krakow is increasing its number of tourists on average by over 100,000 per year, therefore tourism here is certainly […]

Visiting Malbork Castle from Gdansk – the largest Castle in the World!

Malbork Castle from Gdansk largest castle in the world

If you’re staying in the North of Poland you simply cannot miss Malbork Castle. It’s the largest castle by surface area in the world and the biggest brick building in Europe. Sadly, the castle was destroyed in WW2, but the restoration project has certainly done it justice. Visiting Malbork castle from Gdansk is a straight forward day trip […]