My Top 5 Churches in Jerusalem

Churches in Jerusalem, Church of Mary Magdalene

Following my recent trip to the Holy Land, I’d love to summarise my top 5 Churches in Jerusalem. There are many famous churches in Jerusalem; my top 5 have been chosen based on the combination of religious significance combined with architectural beauty. A visit to the Holy City allows you to walk in the footsteps … Read more

Where to Stay in Jerusalem

where to stay in Jerusalem

I loved the Holy city of Jerusalem so much, and had the chance to stay in and explore many different hotels and hostels during my time there. Today, I’d love to recommend where to stay in Jerusalem. I’ve split accommodation into three sections – Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury, so there’s something for every budget. I’m … Read more

Israel Tours

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Israel is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and is a must-see location for Christians who want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and see locations associated with his life.  These Israel Christian tours give you ideas of the best ways to see the most of Israel. Day Trips in Israel … Read more