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Visiting Malbork Castle from Gdansk – the largest Castle in the World!

Malbork Castle from Gdansk largest castle in the world

If you’re staying in the North of Poland you simply cannot miss Malbork Castle. It’s the largest castle by surface area in the world and the biggest brick building in Europe. Sadly, the castle was destroyed in WW2, but the restoration project has certainly done it justice. Visiting Malbork castle from Gdansk is a straight forward day trip […]

Kerameikos Archaeological Site – The Ancient Cemetery of Athens

Kerameikos Archaeological Site

Around 15 minutes walk from Monastiraki square in Athens, you can find an ancient ceremony with tombs that date back to the Bronze age. Karemeikos is one of the Northern districts in Athens that was once known as the ‘potters district’ because the ancient potters (keramais) who made the Attic vases came from. This is […]

Visiting the Acropolis – The Parthenon and Beyond

Acropolis Athens

Welcome to Athens, the timeless city that stands as a testament to ancient civilisation and is home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the world: the Acropolis. Nestled on the top of a rocky hill, overlooking a bustling modern metropolis, the Acropolis is a breathtaking sight that transports you back in time to […]