What to Pack for Morocco

what to pack for Morocco

Morocco, especially in July and August can be stifling hot, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Aside from the regular money, gadgets and Morocco Lonely Planet, here are some extra luggage items that I highly recommend on ‘What to Pack for Morocco.’ Remember that Morocco is a Muslim country, so women should not pack too many clothes that … Read more

What to Wear in Oman

What to Wear in Oman

Lots of people have been asking me about what to wear in Oman. Oman is a Muslim country. Clothing in Oman is very conservative for both men and women and so it’s important to bear that in mind. The locals are extremely hospitable and welcoming to travellers – you do not want to offend them. … Read more

What to Wear in Thailand

what to wear in Thailand

Thailand is one of my all time favourite places to solo Travel in Asia. I love everything about the place – the food, the scenery, the people and of course – the temples. If you head to Thailand in peak season which is November to February, you will be able to pack light, because the … Read more