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Things to do in Bahrain for Solo Travellers and Expats

Expat Bahrain Guide – Middle East

Bahrain is a small island state (a kingdom, as a matter of fact) located in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. But just because it is small (it has an area of 765 square kilometres), it doesn’t mean that Bahrain cannot offer plenty of things to do. Visitors love Bahrain not only for its friendly […]

Visiting Saudi Arabia – An Introduction for the Non-Muslim Visitor

Visiting Saudi Arabia

If you are planning on visiting Saudi Arabia, there are a few things that you should probably know about the country. That’s because Saudi Arabia is like no other place you might have visited before. And everyone who goes there needs to make sure that they follow the local expectations and that they don’t offend […]

Bahrain Nightlife

Bahrain Night Life

Bahrain is a cute little island tucked away in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. Much larger and much more powerful neighbours surround Bahrain from all sides: the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and, of course, Saudi Arabia. But contrary to what you might expect from a Muslim country, Bahrain is very modern and very […]