Wadi Beni Khalid

Wadi Beni Khalid

Wadi Beni Khalid is one of the most beautiful places in Oman. If you are looking for a relaxing swim in a natural mountainous setting, then definitely go for a day trip to Wadi Beni Khalid from Muscat. It’s not a challenging hike and swim – less of a challenge than Wadi Shab. Visiting the … Read more

Things to do in Tallinn

My most recent trip was a wonderful trip to Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia. The city really does feel like you’re walking around a fairytale, with towers in the mediaeval wall. Tallinn makes a perfect city break and the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. How long should I spend in Tallin? … Read more

How Cheap is Sofia, Bulgaria?

How cheap is Sofia?

So many people often ask me ‘how cheap is Sofia?’ Well, it’s so cheap and such an enjoyable city that Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria has become quite a hub for digital nomads and travel bloggers. What are the Advantages of staying in Sofia? Let’s look at the advantages….it’s close to England, so if you are … Read more