Where to stay in Belgrade

Belgrade trip and sleep

I’ve been in the fabulous party city of Belgrade for a couple of days now, and I am staying at the ‘Pug’ themed hostel Trip and Sleep. How to get to Trip and Sleep Belgrade Getting to Trip and Sleep from the Airport is really easy. Take the 72 bus (you need Dinars!) from the … Read more

5 Places To See In Belgrade


Some people think it’s a bit of a strange one to have on the Bucket list! But, Belgrade was the capital of the former Yugoslavia. It is full of culture, architecture, history, and nightlife. Here are my top 5 places to see in Belgrade… 1. Belgrade Nightlife Believe it or not, Belgrade in Serbia is THE … Read more

Free Walking Tour Sofia

This week, I have been staying in Sofia Bulgaria to explore the city and learn about Bulgarian History. I used eDreams to get the cheapest flight from the UK. One of the best things I did was the free walking tour Sofia. There is a free 2 hour walking tour in Sofia that starts at the palace on Vitosha and … Read more