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Mass Exodus at the Battambang Bat Cave!

Battambang Bat Cave

Hands down the most amazing thing I experienced in Battambang was seeing the bats fly out of the bat cave on Phnom Sampeau. The Battambang Bat cave is not to be missed! Visiting Battambang Bat Cave Combine this with a tour up the mountain to see the killing cave and Wat Sampeau Buddhist monastery. If you head […]

Riding the Battambang Bamboo Train


One of the biggest draws to Cambodia’s second largest city is the Battambang Bamboo train. Now a glorified tourist attraction, the train gives an insight of how people used to transport goods from Battambang to Phnom Penh. A massive sigh of relief rippled across Cambodia when in January, the government had finally announced that the bamboo train was back […]