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6 Must Visit Historical Places in Delhi

historical places in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of the country and it is a buzzing international metropolis which draws people from all across India and the globe. Home to around 15 million people, it’s big and still growing. Yet tucked away deep inside the modern suburbs and developments are some amazing historical places in Delhi – temples, tombs […]

What are the Best Hotels in Vadodara?

Hotels in Vadodara

Vadodara, formerly known as Baroda, is the third-largest city in Gujarat. It is located on the Vishvamitra River, about 100 km southeast of Ahmedabad. Vadodara is a rapidly developing industrial city, but the past is still alive in its traditional handicrafts, culture, and legends. Today’s article on hotels in Vadodara is written by Shaeista Misarwala […]