Is India Safe to Travel Solo for Women?

Solo Travel Female in India

Many people ask me ‘Is India safe to travel solo?’ – particularly solo female travelers. Yes, I completely agree that it is safe for a woman to travel alone in India. I have done it myself, and I also know many other female travel bloggers who have travelled alone. Dress Conservatively and Avoid Scammers You should … Read more

The reality of Visiting the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal – A Stunning Marble Mausoleum and Building Complex The Taj Mahal is a stunning complex of buildings including a beautiful marble mausoleum, built as a gift for Shah Jahan’s favourite wife Mumtaz in 1632 (after she died). At the Taj Mahal, you will see other Masjids (Mosques) and buildings as well as … Read more