5 Star Hotels in Venice Italy

Gondola Grand Canal Venice Italy

Venice is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer those who decide to visit. It could be for an assortment of amazing places to see, it could be a wealth of fascinating things to do. It could even be for the amazing 5 star hotels in Venice Italy that you can choose to spend … Read more

Best Boutique Hotels in Rome

best boutique hotel Rome

Rome is a city where time and progress sometimes appear frozen due to the abundance of historical buildings. The old palazzos in Rome that were originally built for nobles and aristocrats are now the new luxury boutique hotel accommodation in the Italian capital. Best Areas to Stay in Rome You could easily spend three days … Read more

The Best London to Rome Europe Itineraries

Oxford High street

This week, a Brit and an Italian put their heads together to come up with the best London to Rome itineraries, with options for both overland and using internal flights. These itineraries span from 2-8 weeks. The longer you have, the better, or course, but we would recommend at least 3-4 days in each city. … Read more