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Visiting Chefchaouen in Winter – The Blue Pearl of Morocco

visiting Chefchaouen in winter blue city

As I’m not a fan of staying in the UK during the colder months, I decided to visit Chefchaouen in winter. Chefchaouen is known as the ‘blue city’ in Morocco. Historically, the area was inhabited by Jews who fled the Europe in the Spanish Inquisition, and they painted their houses blue to represent the sky […]

What to wear in Chefchaouen, Morocco

what to wear in Chefchaouen

I’ve spent a lot of time in Morocco, and lot’s of people ask me about what to wear in Chefchaouen, the blue city. There are three things you need to think about here – first the practicalities such as comfort and warmth. Secondly, the culture and religion of Morocco requires that you dress conservatively and […]